Fundamentals Series: Kettlebell lifting from a master of sport

If you’ve followed SCE for any time at all you’ll know that we are all about getting the fundamentals in place before moving on to anything more advanced. In previous weeks we’ve shared some great content on this including squat variations, pulling and pushing movements, mobility essentials and even some important TRX Variations from the SCE archives.

What you may not know is that we have our own resident Kettlebell champion Steven Gordon working with us in house as one of our performance consultants. Ste is a genuine Kettlebell master of sport and the UK’s number 1 lifter in all weight categories. He competes all over the world and recently we managed to get him to share his top progressions for athletes and general population clients alike.

Give this video a watch, you’ll get some instantly actionable content that will give you new ideas to use as well as tweaking your existing kettlebell coaching to make it even more efficient.

It’s not often you get a chance to learn from a master coach but here at SCE we make a habit of it.

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To your success,

The SCE Coaching Team