Athletes Unlimited trading as Strength and Conditioning Education (SCE) is fully committed to protecting the rights and privacy of individuals, in accordance with the GDPR regulations 2018.

Data Protection Policy 

Information about our personnel, learners and other individuals will only be processed in line with established regulations. Personal data will be collected, recorded and used fairly, stored safely and securely and not disclosed to any third party unlawfully.

Data protection policy

Encryption Guidelines

Encryption is a way of encoding information so that it cannot be read without the appropriate key to decode it. It is a way of rendering files, volumes or hard disks extremely secure.

SCE Encryption Guidelines

Remote Access and Mobile Working Guidelines

These guidelines aim to outline user responsibility with regards to any remote access systems provided by SCE, and when working with SCE information using mobile devices.

SCE Remote Access and Mobile Working Guidelines

Cloud Storage Services

Cloud storage is effectively disk space made available by third parties over the internet. They provide large amounts of space for low cost, and often provide a basic service for free.

SCE Using Dropbox & Other Cloud Storage Services Guidelines

Data Retention

Data retention encompasses

  • The length of time SCE holds data of its clients, students, graduates and prospective students
  • Where this data is stored
  • What this data is used for

This policy clearly shows SCE rules and rationale for data retention

SCE Data Retention Policy

Information Security

The confidentiality, integrity and availability of information, in all its forms, are critical to the on-going functioning and good governance of SCE.

SCE Information Security Policy

IT Asset Management

SCE has a responsibility to manage both its IT and Information Assets, which stems from a number of requirements

SCE IT Asset Management Policy

Password Policy

We have a password policy and rules in place to make sure passwords overall are stronger and your data is safer.

SCE Passwords: Policy & Rules

Information Security Classification

SCE holds many significant information assets that must be protected against unauthorized access, disclosure or modification, or other misuse. Different types of information require different security measures, making proper classification of information assets critical to effective enterprise security. SCE’s information classification policy is designed to provide information owners with guidance as to how to classify information assets properly.

SCE Information Security Classification Standards

Cookies Policy

What are cookies and how do we use them.

SCE Cookie Policy

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