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Our flagship Strength & Conditioning industry leading Level 4 Strength and Conditioning Award is a truly transformational journey over a period of 12 weeks. You’ll be learning from world class ‘in the trenches’ coaches through a combination of live coaching clinics and online modules.

You’ll be supported all the way from our team of elite tutors and at the end of the course not only will you be a seriously high level coach but you’ll also have the tools and the mindset to really build an amazing business and career for yourself too. You can also graduate to our MSP Performance Coach programme.

This course really will unlock your true potential.

The ECM programme offers coaches an opportunity to work intensively with CEO Brendan Chaplin & a team of experienced coaches to master  the skills needed to become an elite coach.

Turning experienced coaches into experts with thriving businesses. This mentoring programme develops you into an elite coach through a series of live sessions, online modules and an online community of elite coaches & experts at your fingertips.

Our Strength and Conditioning Fundamentals course is for people who are looking to get an excellent grounding in all things movement, strength, power and coaching and currently have little or no experience or qualifications in the area.

Over 12 online modules you’ll learn exactly how the best coaches get results, you’ll even be able to download actual programs used with athletes, sports teams and individuals to use instantly in your sessions.

You’ll be taught by world class practitioners throughout and at the end of the program you’ll be a certified fundamentals coach and eligible to take your learning to the next level with our flagship Level 4 S&C course.

The MSP Performance Coach programme is a 6-month high level Professional Development Programme that will enable you to become a world class coach, build a brilliant business and achieve success.

Join our Movement Strength Power network and learn from strength and conditioning practitioners from the comfort of your own home with our online seminar library.

Our coaches are the very best and the resources are in depth and sasy to navigate, meaning an enhanced learning experience for you.
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