Strength and Conditioning training is no longer for the super fit and elite sports people. Trainers and operators are recognising the benefits this type of training can deliver to clients, gym members and users. Many mainstream commercial gyms are currently introducing, or have already introduced performance style equipment, such as Olympic weightlifting platforms and bumper plates within their facilities and increasingly these gym operators are reducing the footprint of the equipment to make room for larger weights area and more functional training zones so it’s a trend which is set to continue.
Training with Strength and Conditioning Education will not only open your eyes to new opportunities when it comes to training clients, and yourself, but it can also make you more desirable to employers and help differentiate you from your competitors and other PTs all vying for the same clients.

Our courses are industry recognised, whilst not utilising an awarding body, meaning we spend more time on courses teaching what is relevant to the industry not just the general standards of an external body Application of learning – skills learned on our courses are industry specific and can be implemented immediately within working life. With a mixture of online and face to face learning, our courses can be completed whilst fitting around busy lifestyles and with wide geographical coverage, making attendance days more accessible.

Level 4 Strength and Conditioning Course

Course Format – Online and/or Blended Learning

Assessment – Case Study, Practical, Theory

Prerequisites – Level 3 Personal Training or Fundamentals in S&C

Duration – 8 weeks to 1 year

Our flagship, industry leading Level 4 Strength and Conditioning Award is designed to transform your career. You’ll be learning from expert coaches through a combination of live coaching clinics and online modules.

You’ll be supported all the way from our team of tutors and at the end of the course not only will you be a  high level coach but you’ll also have the tools and the mindset to build an amazing business and career for yourself too. You can also graduate to our Masters Pathways or Elite Coach Mentorship.

This course really will unlock your true potential.

Course Format – Online Members Area + Live Sessions
Assessment – Online
Prerequisites – Level 4 S&C Coach or other coaching qualification
Duration – 12 weeks + ECM Network membership for 1 year

Turning experienced coaches into experts with thriving businesses. This mentoring programme develops you into an elite coach through a series of live sessions, online modules and an online community of elite coaches & experts at your fingertips.

Strength and Conditioning Education Fundamentals Course

Course Format – 12 Online Modules
Prerequisites – None
Duration – 12 Modules completed at students own pace

If you’re looking to learn more about S&C our Fundamentals course is the perfect place to start. This course enables you to You’ll learn how to train to build strength, power, speed, movement and conditioning and be able to coach all the key strength exercises..

Course Format – Online + Practical Workshop
Assessment – Practical + Online Assessment
Prerequisites – Level 4 S&C or Level 3 PT
Duration – 8 weeks + weekend workshop

Accelerate the health, wellness and movement quality of young people. This course enables an understanding of paediatric strength & conditioning application through online modules and a coaching workshop.

A range of courses from assistant to specialist. Our Youth Coach Specialist covers the insurance needed to work with young people.

MSP Performance Coach

Course Format – Online Learning
Assessment – Online
Prerequisites – Level 4 S&C
Duration – 6 months

The MSP Performance Coach programme is a 6-month high level Professional Development Programme that will enable you to become a world class coach, build a brilliant business and achieve success.

Course Format – Online
Assessment – No formal assessment
Prerequisites – None
Duration – Completed at the students own pace
Price from £1

The MSP Coaching Network covers all bases so you can become a Strength and Conditioning practitioner learning from the world’s best coaches. Everything from Strength Training to Olympic Weightlifting, to Injury Prevention, Mobility and Speed Training. We have over 60 hours of imformation, plans and tips waiting for you.
Our coaches are the very best and the resources are in depth and sasy to navigate, meaning an enhanced learning experience for you.
Take a walk through our Netflix style dashboard on the MSP Performance Coaches Network

Course Format – Online Learning
Assessment – No formal assessment
Prerequisites – Level 4 Strength & Conditioning
Duration – Completed at students own pace

The Masters pathways are a selection of courses that can be taken to supplement the knowledge learned on the Level 4 in Strength and Conditioning. There are three pathways to help you truly master your craft in your chosen field. Once you have completed your Level 4 course you can continue your learning and keep pushing the boundaries to work with more diverse clients, achieve fantastic results for your clients and ensure your success in a thriving, exciting and busy industry.

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