Vern Gambetta: Speed To The Max

Videos in This Set

  • Introduction
  • History of Coaching Speed
  • Science
  • Practical
  • Starting Acceleration
  • Top Speed
  • Training
  • Practical
  • Practical
  • MDSA
  • Periodization
  • Pedagogy

More About Vern Gambetta

Vern is currently is the Director of Gambetta Sports Training Systems. He is considered the father of “Functional Sports Training.” Vern’s coaching experience spans 43 years at all levels of competition in a variety of sports. He has authored over 100 articles and nine books on various aspects of training. He received his BA from Fresno State University and his teaching credential with a coaching minor from University of California Santa Barbara. Vern later attended Stanford University and obtained his MA in Education with an emphasis in physical education.

Vern Gambetta

Having been to several of Vern’s workshops over the years and he never fails to deliver on content or enthusiasm. Speed to the Max wasn’t just a few hours it was a whole weekend which allowed a much greater depth and range of information. It’s is practical, applicable and makes sense. Those that attended will have got a lot out of it, those that didn’t get a second chance with the video collection. I would strongly recommend it.

Jared Deacon
Commonwealth Gold Medallist Sprinter and Elite Performance Coach

Having followed Vern for a large part of my coaching career with interest it was a huge privilege to finally hear Vern present live for the first time.  In this workshop you’ll hear a man speak who comes from a unique position in that he has seen every fad and trick that has come and gone in the last 50 years.  Not only will you get a great insight into the history of sprinting but Vern cuts through the nonsense and leaves you with training principles and methods that have stood the test of time.  Save yourself the time and effort of trying to figure out how to get athletes faster and buy the workshop video!  It’ll be the best investment you’ll ever make.

Darren Drake
Director, Athletic Performance Academy Head of Strength & Conditioning, Gosling Tennis Academy

What can I say? This guy has done it all and I’ve avidly followed his great work for some time now.  It was a fantastic experience to watch him coach and share his knowledge.

When it comes to speed, Vern has a firm opinion on what works and what doesn’t, based upon years and years of experience applying ideas and theory’s in the real world, with real athletes. Vern is a simplifier – complex ideas make sense when he shares them with you. That is a real art and one I strive for myself.

I already coach speed in track & field, however I have still picked up plenty of new drills and ideas that I’ve integrated with my athletes, along with different cues and ideas for things I’ve been using for a while.

A real pleasure to spend a couple of days with him. So much so that, despite being there in person, I still want to grab the DVD when I can. It will be a definite keeper in my collection.

Darren Stratton
Stratton Performance

Vern Gambetta is the embodiment of a true coach and teacher and a real leader in the strength and conditioning profession. Vern is a ‘simplifier’, in a time when everyone is trying to complicate what we do, and provided knowledge that I can readily implement in my teaching and practice. During his workshop, Vern was humble and honest, and generously shared his experiences, failures, and successes from his 45 years-long coaching career, while covering all aspects of athletic development

Dr Joseph Esformes Phd
Senior Lecturer in Strength and Conditioning, Cardiff Met University

Fantastic 2 days with one of the greats in coaching. Enjoyable to listen and question someone who is guided by science, real life scenarios and experience. It was a thoroughly enjoyable workshop that reaffirmed the point that coaching an athlete will always deliver more than simply writing a  ” great programme” programme. Charisma and personality will always outweigh academia!

Joel Brannigan
Head of Strength and Conditioning Northumbria University

Title: Speed to the Max
Coach/Presenter: Vern Gambetta
Number of Videos: 13
Total Duration: 12 hours 00 minutes

Speed is arguably the defining factor in most sports from rugby to wrestling, sprinting to soccer. But how do you develop that super athletisicm in your athletes, in yourself or your clients? This course will answer these questions and so much more. Vern will cover every aspect of Speed Development. The course is delivered by a true legend in athlete preparation with over 40 years of genuine high performance experience.

Here’s what you’ll learn from watching the video series

  • Vern’s influences and background in speed training
  • A philosophy of coaching and athletic development from one of the very best
  • How to make people slow….really fast (how NOT to do it)!
  • Where we have come from with coaching concepts and how we are moving forwards
  • Looking back at speed breakthroughs in the past and why they happened
  • What can we learn from the best, what do they do well?
  • Sport specific speed and how we can utilise track and field
  • The drug era- lessons learned
  • The Jamaican era
  • A real highlight of the collection, a detailed look into how things have been done
  • The big speed picture- where it fits in
  • The components of speed and how to balance them
  • Summation of forces and how to apply in training
  • Transfer of momentum and how to coach for maximum results
  • Applications of science in training
  • The nervous system when it comes to speed training
  • Dynamic systems theory of learning and development
  • Muscular function for speed- a detailed examination
  • Tension relaxation dynamics
  • Postural considerations
  • Optimal step length
  • Stiffness concepts we MUST know about
  • The BEST Speed Warm-Up you’ve seen and can apply instantly!
  • Med Ball warm-up drills that will get your athletes moving and LEARNING at the same time
  • The lunge matrix that bullet proofs your athletes from injury
  • Integrated injury prevention movements that really do work
  • Co-Ordination drills that will keep your athletes thinking and learning
  • Partner speed drills and acceleration drills anyhow they fit together
  • How to link the body together for effective force transfer
  • Plyometric progressions that are safe and effective
  • Drills that you can use that require minimal equipment but will get your athletes running well QUICKLY including skipping variations, stick drills and much more
  • Reaction time training
  • A detailed critique of WORLD CLASS sprinting and how it applies to your athletes
  • The triangle model for starts that will get your athletes in the right positions INSTANTLY
  • The checklist YOU need to be going through to make sure you have the boxes ticked from a technique perspective
  • The importance of PRE TENSION and how to coach this
  • Hip mobility drills you can use straight away to get better positions with your athletes and clients
  • Frans Bosch concepts we need to be thinking about and Verns interpretation of this
  • The pro’s and con’s of dorsiflexion in coaching and drills
  • Water based speed training
  • Top speed running critique and analysis (this alone will be invaluable to your athletes and your personal knowledge)
  • Training and coaching applications
  • Strength considerations and team sport expectations in top speed running
  • Measuring and testing for speed and the importance of this
  • Warm-ups and co-ordination work
  • Implicit learning for speed training (massively valuable!)
  • Field based drills for speed development
  • Resisted speed and uphill, downhill running applications
  • Parachutes and where they fit in
  • Strength training and key considerations to be aware of (it’s easy to make people slow!)
  • Circuit training for speed
  • Range of motion and mobility training for speed
  • Warming up for movement sessions- key differences and what you need to include
  • Multi directional lunges- how to coach and apply in the warm-up
  • Dynamic reactive training- we really need to do this!
  • A true masterclass in coaching agility and movement training utilising implicit problem solving drills and scenarios
  • Balance training for all levels of athletes
  • The animal routine to get people thinking differently and moving efficiently
  • MAGNET TRAINING- unique drills to develop athleticism
  • Dance Drills to get people thinking reactively, chaotically and fluently
  • The Sway series for multi directional agility
  • Another coaching MASTERCLASS here from Vern
  • The DOT Drill for speed and agility development
  • Controlled speed training- how to learn and then speed up
  • Cutting- the speed cut and power cut. Key differences and coaching applications
  • Partner speed drills applied session
  • CHAOS Training- we MUST have this in our programmes!
  • Hurdle work- how to use for speed and movement training
  • Ladder work and it’s place in the programme
  • Plyometrics for speed and agility
  • Skill acquisition - we must make mistakes, but how to deal with them and set up scenarios
  • What are we looking for with Speed and Agility Training?
  • Gamespeed- optimal, not maximum!
  • How to use the ground in the context of your sport
  • Our role as coaches in facilitating development and seeing the bigger picture
  • The components of multidirectional speed and agility (MDSA)
  • Training considerations examined
  • Implicit learning for MDSA
  • Slide board training
  • Sway Drill applied case studies
  • Other useful tools in MDSA training
  • Planned performance training- Verns interpretation of periodisation
  • The bigger picture- we must more than the session in front of us
  • Planning VS Periodisation VS Programming why we need to know the difference!
  • Thorough breads CS Cart Horses which one are you and which are your athletes?
  • How to slow the game down for your athletes
  • Developing your philosophy and your exercise toolbox
  • Jump training
  • Strength Endurance training
  • How to plan your microcycle, mesocycle and macrocycle
  • The level of detail required in each phase of planning
  • Deloading and how to plan for this
  • How to sequence sessions using Verns model of preparation, application, adaptation
  • Starting with the end in mind
  • The real classroom where the the real learning happens
  • Twitter for coaching
  • Implicit learning continued
  • Learning from the best
  • The big jigsaw puzzle
  • The 3 R’s and the 3L’s that will make you a better coach INSTANTLY
  • How to get rid of conformational bias in coaching
  • Managing groups and crowd control
  • Distortional techniques that will create faster learning
  • 3M + 3P = WIN
  • What a centipede can teach us about movmeent