Velocity Based Strength Training – With Dan Baker!

Velocity Based Strength Training is rapidly becoming a popular guidance for tracking workouts. People are using the effective method to gain more precise numbers and actual strength levels in order to perform accurately. Velocity based training allows you to adapt workouts to get appropriate goals; it is an original way to determine load for strength training. 

Velocity based training is a relevant area of development for S&C coaches. It provides us with the power to track and monitor an athletes progress. This is crucial for achieving better results for speed and power. 

Are you interested in learning more about Velocity Based Strength Training ? Do you want advice on how to fit it into your programmes? If so check out Dan Bakers blog for the most effective ways to use VBT to enhance your coaching and advance your programmes.

Specific learnings which can be found on Dans blog include…

  • Velocity measures – peak or mean? Understanding the differences!
  • Peak or Mean velocity – which better for different exercise?
  • Relationship between velocity and measures of Effort and Fatigue for different exercises!
  • Are these relationships the same for different athletes like Maxers (fast twitch types) and Grinders (slow twitch types)?
  • What are the velocities to train at for strength or power for different exercises?
  • Does/should this change across a training cycle?
  • How can I use velocity measures to help guide large group training or training with less familiar athletes?
  • How can I use velocity measures to help coach technique? Motivation? Reinforcement?
  • Program examples and data from elite and lower level athletes will be presented!

These and any other questions you have on VBT, strength and power training will be answered over on Dans blog.

A quick insight about Dr Dan Baker…

Dan Baker is one of the worlds leading authorities of strength and power training for sports athletes. He has a PHD in sports science, specialising in the testing and training of strength and power. Throughout his career he has accomplished many great achievements including being the strength and power training coach for Brisbane Broncos Rugby League and a former champion powerlifter and powerlifting coach. Dan has also been a strength and conditioning coach to elite national and international level athletes across a wide range of sports.