Eating according to your bodytype: The Lean Body Challenge into 4th and final week!

We’re now into our final week of ‘the lean body challenge’, and believe me the results of the first 3 weeks have been pretty incredible! You can read about the first couple of weeks here and here.

This final week is all about bringing together the lessons learned from the previous 3 weeks. So week 1 was all about calorie control week 2 was about learning to train and push yourself in training, and week 3 was all about being tighter with your nutrition and eating according to your body type.

Week 4 is a continuation of those lessons as well as solidifying good, clean eating, and quality training habits for people to take forwards in their lives.

It’s the lesson from week 3 that I really wanted to share with you today.

Eating according to your body type is something that I believe is key to getting results.

Macro split for your body type

Ectomorph (naturally lean with skinny limbs)

If you are closest to an ectomorph (naturally lean with skinny limbs) and are prioritising fat loss, you need to be eating the following split:

Protein: 30%
Carbs: 50%
Fat: 20%

Mesomorph (naturally muscular and athletic)

If you are closest to a Mesomorph ( naturally muscular and athletic) for fat loss you need to eat the following:

Protein: 30%
Carbs: 40%
Fat: 30%

Endomorph (naturally broad and thick with higher natural body fat)

If you are closest to an endomorph (naturally broad and thick with higher natural body fat) you need to eat the following:

Protein: 35%
Carbs: 25-30%
Fat: 35-40%

Many of us are somewhere in between two of these body types. For those of you who are I would suggest leaning towards the body type you are most like! For example; if you’re an endo-mesomorph you should use the endomorph split rather than the mesomorph.

The macro splits I recommend above are specifically for fat loss rather than performance and muscle gain. They are adapted from Berardi’s great text ‘Essentials of Sports Nutrition’. The main thing is, they work!

That’s all for today folks,

Have a great weekend,


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