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Level 4 Strength and Conditioning Courses Brochure

Our award-winning industry-leading Level 4 Strength & Conditioning Course is the path to success for fitness professionals wanting to build careers in S&C and become Strength & Conditioning Coaches. 

Our graduates go on to train professional athletes, coach sports teams, open their own facilities, earn far higher incomes and of course, deliver amazing results for their clients, helping them achieve their full potential.

The Level 4 Strength & Conditioning programme is designed to give you all the tools you need to build a career as a Strength & Conditioning Coach, in a method of learning that suits you. We now offer three options for completing our course, entirely remotely through 17 online modules & online exams, a fast-track accelerated option, or a blended approach offering online modules plus practical weekend workshop & face to face practical assessment. 

Whichever option you choose, you’ll be supported all the way by expert tutors and elite Strength & Conditioning Coaches with years of experience in the field.





What To Expect...

Phase 1- The Familiarisation Phase

Whichever Level 4 option you choose, you’ll start your learning with us instantly with our Phase 1 online modules. Work your way through our 17 modules (detailed below) in the members area, instantly immersing yourself into the world of strength, power, movement and coaching. You’ll be learning from our expert coaches and tutors who have years of experience in this industry both coaching & teaching. You’ll finish this phase inspired and ready for Phase 2.

Phase 2- The Realisation Phase

This is where things really start to come together for you as you start to design performance programmes using the techniques and tools you’ve learnt through the modules and achieve the SCE Programming Specialist Certification to acknowledge your new found skill in this area. When you’re ready you can sit your exam online and cement your learning on your journey to becoming an Elite Coach.  

Once this is complete, if you’ve opted for the Total Online or Accelerated Plus format you can contact a tutor to book your online assessment, or you can join us on a Practical Weekend Workshop to work with the experts and intensify your knowledge. 

(If you choose Total Online or Accelerated Plus skip to Phase 4) 

Phase 3- The Intensification Phase

Our award-winning practical weekend is where everything comes together.  Our inspiring coaching clinics immerse you completely into the world of Strength & Conditioning; covering Olympic Weightlifting, Speed and Plyometric training, Power, Mobility and Stability training, Periodisation and so much more. You’ll be amazed by how much we cover in just 2 days.

This practical weekend will also unlock the coveted SCE Olympic Weightlifting for Athletes Coach Certification, and the SCE Specialist Movement Coach credential. Both of which you will obtain from attending this weekend in addition to the Level 4 certificate itself. 

Our coaches are all experts within the field, with decades of experience in the industry coaching clients, teams and athletes. You will leave with all your questions answered, inspired & ready to put your new skills into practice!

Phase 4- Graduating as a Level 4 Strength & Conditioning Coach

The final step for you to become a certified CIMSPA SCE Level 4 coach is to take your final practical Olympic Weightlifting, Speed and Movement Assessment. If you’ve opted for our Total Online or Accelerated Plus format you’ll arrange a suitable time to submit your video assessments with our tutors. For those of you attending our practical weekend you will be able to attend a practical assessment day or submit your assessment online.

When you pass your journey begins. Whether it’s working with athletes and teams, building your client base or getting that gym opened that you’ve always wanted, the choice is yours and you’ll be prepared for it, with our CIMSPA Level 4 Strength & Conditioning Coach Course. 

Strength and Conditioning Education are here to support you throughout your journey as a developing coach, with further mentoring and coaching programmes available to you after your Level 4. Whether it’s business skills, further technical knowledge, special populations such as youth training and coaching, and much, much more.

We also have an incredibly popular mentorship programme- The Elite Coach Mentorship-, which will help you work intensively with our team to bring your new found skills to life and reach your true potential.

Level 4 Strength and Conditioning Course

Practical Coaching Workshop Venue Options

Our specialist team at Strength & Conditioning Education ensure that our practical coaching workshops are held at some of the best and most highly equipped centres to ensure we can offer you the best environment for your course.

Find out what's in the 17



our students reviews

Great company to study with. The tutors are extremely knowledgeable and helpful in both the academic and practical aspects of the courses they provide. The company and its representatives truly unlock your physical and mental potential. Love studying with you guys. Keep up the great work. Absolutely fantastic!
I am so impressed with the level of knowledge they have delivered within the L4 course. In addition the team are constantly adding value, be it through networking opportunities, additional coach development or just generally imparting their years of knowledge. Cannot recommend them enough!
Just back from a excellent weekend in Leeds for the Youth S&C Coach course. The format, the delivery, the education and the ability to discuss and stop and ask questions at anytime made for an excellent environment to learn and reinforce skills and knowledge. Ross provided much more than what we expected a true gent who wants to see a better level of youth S&C here and now. I feel energised to go make even more impact in this area and I will be recommending this course to other coaches and I will be back for the specialist course soon. 👏👏

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