Learning in Lockdown: How to Keep Up Your S&C Education

For many of us, it’s been months since we’ve been able to load up a bar, train with our athletes or even take part in sports. It’s a challenging time for all, particularly those in the fitness industry, but S & C training will return & we want to help you be the best coach you can be when it does.

This article shares a few ideas of how you can keep learning with us online & where to find resources 

For S &C Beginners:

New to S&C, why not spend some time uncovering what strength & conditioning really is and how it can be used to benefit you and your client. 

For those starting out we have a great article called: ‘What is Strength & Conditioning?’ an excellent resource and an obvious place to start, this article will help you discover if S&C is for you.

We also run an excellent online course for beginners which teaches all the basic principles of S&C called The Fundamentals. It’s great for beginners to master the foundations or even for experienced coaches to grab a few reminders and polish up their knowledge. The course helps you learn how to train to build strength, power, speed, movement and conditioning and be able to coach all the key strength exercises. Following the Fundamentals course, you’ll be ready to jump into our Level 4 Strength and Conditioning Award and excel in your career and business. 

For Intermediate S & C:

For those with intermediate knowledge, (ie already working in the fitness industry with a good base knowledge of S&C) we have a huge supply of educational content. In fact, free content has been a big focus of ours during lockdown, giving our students and coaches a positive focus whilst continuing to share our expertise despite the distance. 

You can find a plethora of information shared here on our blog, but if you’re looking to find something more interactive, our live sessions and video recording are for you…

Each week our CEO Brendan Chaplin and other Elite Coaches have been hosting Facebook live sessions based on all the subjects you told us you want to learn about most; these include how to write programmes, how to build your business, how to develop a brand, top mistakes to avoid and more. It’s been amazing to have so many students join us live and we hope you will too. To join the live sessions simply follow this link and give our Facebook page a like, we update the calendar regularly. If you’ve missed out on a previous session you also have the freedom to watch all of our previous live sessions via the video section on our Facebook.

There are hours of content here to inform and inspire. If you watch a video and have a burning question, we’re also at hand on our Facebook messenger to answer any questions.

Ready for something more formal?

Our Level 4 award is our industry-leading course and has been designed to help you become one of the most knowledgeable strength and conditioning coaches in the industry. Our in-depth course is made up of group-based practical learning and flexible online modules that can be accessed from home or on the go. We believe that anybody can benefit from a great Strength and Conditioning Programme and our students along with their clients are excellent examples of this. During the pandemic we’ve bought this course fully online with further details and options available here:

For Advanced S & C :

For our Level 4 graduates and experienced S&C Coaches, we’ve also been developing new content. Our 5-day challenge develops your skills as a coach, challenging you to become better by addressing your strengths, weaknesses and goals. To catch up on the challenge you can view the daily content by joining the Facebook group here.

We have also developed a new programme based on feedback over the years called the Elite Coach Mentorship. This new programme has been developed to help coaches reach their full potential, to help them build confidence and be mentored through the process of becoming an elite coach. This 12-week intensive course will start on July 6th. For more details visit our ECM page.

These are just a few ideas of how you can keep up your education with us and we hope that we can be your go-to for all things S&C related.

If you have any further questions, you can get on touch with us via our Facebook page.