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  • Critical Issues in Athletic Development with Vern Gambetta
  • Critical Issues Manual
  • Critical Issues in Athletic Development (Audio Version)

More About Vern Gambetta

Vern is currently is the Director of Gambetta Sports Training Systems. He is considered the father of “Functional Sports Training.” Vern’s coaching experience spans 43 years at all levels of competition in a variety of sports. He has authored over 100 articles and nine books on various aspects of training. He received his BA from Fresno State University and his teaching credential with a coaching minor from University of California Santa Barbara. Vern later attended Stanford University and obtained his MA in Education with an emphasis in physical education.

Vern Gambetta
Gambetta Sports Training Systems

Title: Critical Issues in Athletic Development
Coach/Presenter: Vern Gambetta
Number of Videos: 1
Total Duration: 2 hours 5 minutes

This is a live event and really gets to the bottom of some of the key issues in the western world from a 45 year industry veteran. If you’re looking to get clear perspective on your work, the environment, how to make changes, training your athletes, yourself, your clients and where you fit into the whole picture this is a must have item.

Here’s what you’ll learn from watching the video series

  • Long term athlete development: What does it REALLY mean?
  • Specialisation in sports, should we do it? How do we educate people about the pro’s and con’s?
  • Developing rounded athleticism
  • The importance of strength in athletic development
  • Integration of strength and skill training and how to manage this
  • What is functional training??
  • The 10,000 hour rule, how to apply? Should we listen to this? (some serious knowledge bombs dropped here)
  • What is CORE training?
  • Thoughts on McGills research concerning the core and it’s application in training
  • Youth training: How to get adaptations safely
  • The education versus experience debate, Verns perspective on this