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Moving young people is everyone's responsibility...

Why are we here?

  • To build a coaching workforce with an ability to solve problems, build adaptable athletes and students, and develop physically and emotionally healthy young people.
  • To bring the excite, engage, enable methodology to every training session, sports practice and movement scenario.
  • To create an elite but not elitist training environment for every young person in the country to have access through the YSCA affiliated training group programme.

Don't miss this amazing opportunity to work with young people

The YSCA educational pathway equips you with the coaching skills and tools to succeed. Not only that, you'll also be armed with the business knowledge you need to help you in whichever direction you choose to go. Whether that's working as a full time coach in a school, building a private business, starting an online business or simply improving your reputation in the local area. With the YSCA affiliated training group, you'll also become a centre of excellence in the area, making you the 'go-to' expert.

You're qualified, but can you legally work with young people?

Almost all personal training, coaching and strength and conditioning courses DO NOT cover working with people under the age of 16. As a member of the YSCA, you'll be able to get insurance to work with people from the ages of 6-18 years of age (and above).

The Pathway

The Youth Strength and Conditioning Leader Award

This half day course is a taster of how to work with young people from the ages of 6-18 years of age. You'll learn the myths and misconceptions, the 'Triple E' coaching methodology. This course is suitable for parents, aspiring coaches, and those with a vested interest in improving the health, wellness and movement quality of young people. It does not qualify you as a coach.

The Youth Strength and Conditioning Coach Qualification

Our flagship two day qualification course is perfect for people looking to work with young people in a fitness, strength and conditioning capacity. We cover everything from movement assessment, strength and power training, coaching and communicating with young people, building your youth fitness business, game based learning and much, much more. You'll take home a framework and curriculum that you can employ in your sessions ensuring that you get great results in an engaging way with everyone you work with.

The Youth Strength and Conditioning Specialist Qualification

This qualification builds on the coach credential with a much deeper level of understanding in all areas including coaching, planning and periodisation, communication skills and movement management. Our specialists have an unparalleled level of knowledge of paediatric strength and conditioning application, an ability to work with performance athletes and proven competence leading to a high level of confidence to work in any environment.

The Youth Strength and Conditioning Master Coach Qualification

This is the highest level of coaching qualification available. More details to be released soon.

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Our Faculty

The YSCA educational pathway has been developed by elite youth coaches working together with scientists, medical specialists and physical education practitioners all in line with our mission to improve the movement quality of young people across the UK and beyond.

Founding members

Brendan Chaplin

Brendan is a performance enhancement specialist and strength and conditioning coach who has worked with a wide variety of athletic populations including professional athletes, Olympians, aspiring athletes and youths! He is the founder and managing director for Strength and Conditioning Education, the UK’s #1 provider of education, resources and mentoring for strength and conditioning professionals.

During his 13 years of experience he has worked with young people in a whole host of sports and activities from tennis, to football, to athletics, rugby, golf, marital arts, and simply just kids wanting to get a bit fitter and have more confidence.

Master coaches

Kelvin Giles

Nick Ward

Dave Hemborough

Jared Deacon

Ron McKeefery

Laurence Bloom

Narelle Sibte


Ben Haining

Ben Haining has been working in Strength and Conditioning and elite sport since 2002. He is currently Head of Strength and Conditioning at Reed’s School where he has led athletic development support for youth athletes in the UK across all sports since 2009.

Prior to becoming a paediatric Strength and Conditioning specialist, Ben worked in professional cricket as Head of Strength and Conditioning at Sussex County Cricket Club from 2003-2007 including a stint as a consultant to the England U19 Cricket team for the junior World Cup in 2005. Ben continued his association with top flight cricket as a consultant to Surrey County Cricket Club from 2009 to 2011.

From 2008 until 2013 Ben was part of the AMS team providing Strength and Conditioning guidance for WTA tour tennis player Elena Baltacha.

Here are some of our course graduates speaking about their experiences