The Whiteboard Sessions #2

Here we go with another session from the infamous whiteboard.If you missed the first one CLICK HERE

Sometimes the whiteboard strikes horror into our athletes, other times it’s a pleasant surprise.

It all depends on the training phase we’re in and the individual or group in question.

What have I got for you today?….

Well today’s session was a little stocking filler that I used on Monday for one of our elite badminton players. He’d just come back from Switzerland; I believe where he won a singles tournament and was going away on Tuesday night to the Czech Republic. He was very sore coming into the session so I used this to get  him moving a bit, top up his metabolic and muscular endurance and give him a bit of a challenge too. (We didn’t go heavy on anything)

It’s not mega tough but it’s a good workout.

Lots of reps to do today!

Couple of notes, you should try to increase the load slightly each set in a pyramid format on the barbell complex but think technique. Try to not put the bar down either and work through everything before you stop.

Intervals just have a good go!

That’s all for today’s little session,




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