The Bodyweight Solution

Videos in This Set

  • The Bodyweight Solution (Part 1)
  • The Bodyweight Solution (Part 2)
  • The Bodyweight Solution (Part 3)
  • The Bodyweight Solution (Part 4)
  • The Bodyweight Solution (Part 5)

More About Danny Hague

Danny Hague is an accredited strength and conditioning coach through the United Kingdom Strength and Conditioning Association (UKSCA), a fully qualified Personal Trainer and holds specialist qualifications in strength and conditioning for Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and the International Youth Conditioning Association (IYCA) as an athletic development specialist. Danny is currently completing his Masters Degree (MSc) in Strength and Conditioning at St Mary’s University London to further underpin his high level of theoretical and practical coaching knowledge.  Danny take’s every available opportunity to continue his professional development through educational seminars, workshops, research and networking with fellow coaches.

Danny has worked in the field of strength and conditioning for many years and has extensive experience in the science and practical application of high performance programming/coaching to Olympic, elite, developmental and recreational athletes.

Danny’s work with athletes includes Head of S&C for the Leeds Carnegie Academy Basketball AASE program, Women’s GB Paralympic Goal-ball team, Lead S&C for Leeds Metropolitan Rugby League 1st/2nd teams, Yorkshire Jets Netball, GB Badminton and TASS Scholars from multiple sports.

Danny also consults with many professional/amateur combat athletes (boxers, judoka’s, mma practitioners) and consults to multi-sport athlete’s providing strength and conditioning support.

Danny Hague
UKSCA Accredited

Title: The Bodyweight Solution
Coach/Presenter: Danny Hague
Number of Videos: 5
Total Duration: 2 hours 50 minutes

This is a resource that will dramtically help anyone looking to learn about integrated performance training, conditioning and working with athletes. In general anyone interested in improving their cutting edge knowledge about training methods will benefit from this video collection. It’s a no nonsense product, something that you will be able to apply TOMORROW.

  • You’ll learn where bodyweight training fits into the overall strength and conditioning programme.
  • You’ll learn about the relationship bodyweight training has with the other tools we have available. There are some important considerations you MUST know about here.
  • What bodyweight training can provide that NO OTHER MODALITY can offer.
  • The 10 bodyweight training principles that if you don’t know them, you are not preparing people properly.
  • 9 Conditions where bodyweight training is BETTER than any other form of training.
  • The 7 ways you can progress bodyweight training programmes
  • The 5 key training components that underpin you’re training programme. Do you know them?
  • 8 Metabolic bodyweight training concepts that will give you thousands of programmes, sessions and cater for EVERY athlete you’ll ever work with. All from these 8 methods.
  • Learn this proven system of warm-ups and apply it to your environment.
  • The RAMP warm-up principles applied to bodyweight training.
  • Key muscle activation sequences.
  • Movement Flows to get loads of work done in a small time frame- all coaches know how important this is!!
  • Mobility flow drills to get your athletes super mobile before their sessions.
  • Primal movement patterns that will leave your athletes warm, but also mobile, activated, and enjoying themselves!!
  • Plyometric progressions for the lower and upper body that will prime the sessions to come for power and explosive strength.
  • You’ll learn key coaching cues and technical considerations for the major lower body movements such as squats, hinging, lunges and dozens more.
  • Danny’s Dynamic Isometric progressions that will get your athletes in the key positions much faster and make them stronger in those positions.
  • Slider work- how you can develop eccentric control, strength and stability through using slide progressions that cost you nothing!
  • Single leg progressions
  • Step-Up Progressions
  • Rear Foot Elevated Squat Progressions
  • Squat progressions
  • How to overload bodyweight movements and get a FULL TRAINING EFFECT with NO EQUIPMENT!!
  • Sled pushes with no sled!
  • Partner strength training movements to train a squad or team with no equipment and get them super strong in the process.
  • It’s NOT just about metabolic training, you’ll be learning how to get people strong, mobile, powerful and fit with this video.
  • How to progress and regress upper body movements such as push-ups and pull-ups. Don’t understate this stuff, it’s POWERFUL!
  • Dozens of pushing and pulling variations you can use to train athletes and clients without any equipment.
  • Slider progressions for the upper body. Danny is a master at these!
  • Wall Walks, handstand push-ups, shoulder press-ups and more. Powerful strength and stability based movements that ALL your athletes can do if they follow Dannys progressions.
  • Partner bodyweight exercises that will allow your athletes to train in the 1-5 rep max zone with bodyweight…SUPER POWERFUL coaching material!
  • Guaranteed to challenge and engage your athletes. Awesome stuff.
  • Bodyweight core training- dozens of engaging variations that will challenge your athletes mentally and physically.
  • Partner core training that even the best athletes will struggle with.
  • Conditioning and metabolic training- learn ALL of Danny’s cutting edge methods.
  • Challenges for strength endurance.
  • Challenges for power endurance.
  • Aerobic and Anaerobic development through bodyweight.
  • TUF, SUF and DUF how to develop technique, skills and decision making under fatigue. I guarantee you haven’t seen this stuff before!
  • Programming bodyweight training – how to work with beginners, intermediate, and advanced athletes.
  • Fitting in around other training units such as technical training and strength training where appropriate. You’ll be an expert in programming for all sports.