The Most Superior Machine Ever Built!

The human body

If you compare the human body to a machine, it is the most superior machine ever built! It’s made up of many parts, each performing different tasks, all working together simultaneously to ensure a smooth running. Like a machine, the body needs energy to work. However, the human body is not a machine, it’s far more amazing than any machine. It can do things that no machine can do. For example, the body can grow. The body starts out as one cell. In time, this tiny cell develops into a body consisting of trillions of cells.

Looking after the human body

Looking after the Human body takes lots of effort, but if you get things right, this soon becomes a habit and part of your lifestyle, rather than a chore, after all, why should taking care of the most amazing and important machine in your entire life not matter enough?

We know that the fuel we give our bodies is important, along with giving it quality time to rest and recover, such as getting enough deep sleep.

It is vital that we move well and develop our athletic potential, especially as we are such clever, adaptable machines; we will always easily find a way around a movement puzzle.

However the way around is often not the best way, it can sometimes just be a bad diversion that will lead to chronic pain and dysfunction that will result in a machine breaking down and in desperate need of servicing!

Using strength training to look after the human body

One simple thing we can do is strength training, to improve or maintain our mobility so that we can move well and allow our bodies to solve problems with the best options, rather than trying to find another way for us, due to lack of mobility, or strength limiting our efforts.

This however comes at a cost – it’s not always financially viable, or convenient to have access to strength training. This all connects to the idea of the ultimate machine and the mystery that in society, we are willing to pay the earth for material possessions, but not so ready to spend half as much on the maintenance of our own bodies!

I have many friends that would and do spend hundreds of pounds per month on new upgrades for their latest car or mountain bike, but would never dream of hiring a personal trainer or Strength Coach!

How many people do you know who are like this? 

At Strength and Conditioning Education, we offer the best training to our mentees so they can perform at their absolute best. Being a coach means you can help others achieve their full potential and encourage their ambitious journeys.

While being a coach or personal trainer is rewarding as you help others progress, it is important not to forget about you! Remember to invest in yourself and your career so you can assist others to improve their ‘machines’.

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