Teaching the High Pull with Tamas Feher

This post is a classic from the archives. Tamas is an old colleague of mine and the former head coach to Team GB. I love the way Tamas breaks down the lifts and the speed at which his students develop. So much so that I based the entire content of the Level 4 Olympic Weightlifting on his model with my own nuances thrown in for good measure.

High Pull – the best exercise for total body explosive power!

In this video Tamas is breaking down a highly productive exercise called the High Pull.  The High Pull is one of the best exercises for total body explosive power development in my book. I use this exercise with many of my athletes and clients. It’s great for individuals who can’t perform power cleans due to wrist problems and can also be loaded heavier for low pulls to work a different component of the force velocity curve.

The high pull like the clean needs to be lifted slowly from the floor to get the timing for the hip drive correct otherwise people tend to extend their hips too soon rather than staying over the bar. Check out the video and let me know your thoughts!

Coaching olympic weightlifting

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