Our Fundamental 5 mobility quick fixes

In this weeks instalment of the Fundamental 5’s we sent our very own Steven Gordon into the gym to record the SCE Fundamental 5 mobility quick fixes. We gave Ste a clear brief here. Go and film the 5 very best fixes that will improve people’s movement in no more than 45 seconds.
He certainly delivered with literally a full body mobility programme that is fit for the most robust athletes as well as the general public and anyone in between.

His first movement focussing on the hip area is a real game changer and is something that pretty much everyone will benefit from. The rest of the movements are very good too.

So without further ado here’s the link to the video, let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment on social media. You can pick you favourite platform from the list below.

Thanks again for watching our content and being part of our community.

See you soon for another fundamental 5 video to accelerate your development and inspire your success.

The SCE Coaching Team