Functional Anatomy Breakdown

Time is flying so fast right?  Halloween and Bonfire night are over, so its the big one next!

I’m looking forward to spending time with my family and friends over Christmas!

I was at Yorkshire Cricket last weekend at our Functional Anatomy two day workshop.

It’s been a while since I had my head buried in anatomy books, so it was good to run through everything again.  It’s not that often that we speak in latin and break things down into individual muscles.

The workshop was presented by Dan Coughlan of England Golf and I have to say I found Dan’s approach really refreshing.  This was much due to his great understanding of S&C, which is a big element of his approach to finding solutions.

Dan got the group thinking about movement and then breaking down which muscles were prime movers, antagonists, neutralisers, synergists and fixaters.

Weekend workshop screen shot

Everything always led back to the fact that all the muscle groups involved in a movement were either on or off and would be involved in some capacity and a complex subject was simplified.

It all hinged around being able to use this process to rationalise exercise selection when trying to improve movement and was a really simple and effective approach.

I especially like the way this can be used when communicating with a wider team, to get understanding and buy in as to the potential effectiveness of a programme you are trying to implement.

The group left feeling more confident in their functional anatomy and certainly how to use it to make more informed decisions when looking for solutions to improve performance, minimise injury and rehabilitate athletes and clients.

works shop 2 screen shot

I’ve met quite a few coaches and trainers over the years who would have benefited greatly from attending!

Great workshop that offered something I feel is really lacking out there right now and will be of big benefit to many coaches and trainers and the results they are getting their athletes and clients.

Be sure to keep a look out for any that we decide to run in 2016, as you really missed out big time on this one if you weren’t one of the coaches attending.

 Next up is Dan Baker’s Velocity based training tour which takes place 27th (London), 28th (Sheffield), 29th (Edinburgh).

Places are extremely limited – there will only be a small group present in each location, to ensure you get to speak with Dan and enjoy the experience of spending time with a great S&C coach.

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Have a brilliant weekend!

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