How to create better Fitness Programs

I wanted to share some thoughts with you about the small differences we can make to better our results, as a coach, athlete or fitness enthusiast. By reviewing some critical areas, some small tweaks and enhancements can make a world of difference.

As coaches or athletes, time is very precious, so we have to be really smart about how well we use it – if we have a small window of opportunity lets endeavour to get 100% from it in every session.

After years in the trenches, I’ve learnt what those key critical areas are and continually challenge myself to make sure I’m not wasting opportunities.

I genuinely 100% recommend that you do the same – to make life easier for you, I’ve created a series of videos covering the key areas, so you can give them the once over and can ask yourself whether you could make those tweaks to raise your game.

The series is called Instant Impact – for good reason, as taking control of these areas will be of immediate benefit. Here is the first in the Series – How to create better Fitness Programs

This should give you some key questions to ask whether designing periodized plans, or even just individual sessions.

I’d love to hear your thoughts – did this help you, or maybe you have some additions to share? Do you have any friends you think this would help?  Well, please share away!


Cheers Brendan