The 10,000kg Challenge…are you up to it?

I wanted to write to you today to tell you a story.

It’s a story that really is quite personal and related to a challenging and emotional time in my development.

The story is called the 10,000kg Challenge but let me tell you it’s about so much more than shifting weight and training in general.

I’d love it if you would read it and let me know your thoughts.

Thanks in advance for reading and do let me know what you think 🙂

The 10,000kg challenge

In forty-five minutes you have to lift the following:

  • 100 Front Squats
  • 100 Chin-Ups
  • 200 Box Jumps (hip height approximately)
  • 200 Press-Ups
  • 200 Lunges
  • 200 Burpees

That’s it. Figure it out.



Here’s some guidance.

To front squat 10,000kg you need to put 100kg on the bar and do ten sets of ten reps. Or do twenty sets of five reps if you want.

There’re no rules. Just get the work done in less than forty-five minutes.

YOU make it happen.

As the coach, I’m empowering you with the decision to make it happen.

Let me ask you something before you start planning: IS IT POSSIBLE?

How does one perform 100-120 sets of exercises with a significant amount of weight in an hour?

The answer lies in the famous Liverpool anthem and one of my principles for success in LIFE sport and training: NEVER WALK ALONE.

Encourage your friends to help you with the work out and get them involved. Introduce a group of six to ten people to join in, so it becomes challenging and achievable. Use your initiative and get the best squatters doing the squatting, the best bodyweight people doing the chins and jumps.

Work as a TEAM.

This EXACT challenge is what I put together for my performance cricketers in November 2012. Why? The session wasn’t part of the program. I made the session up less than twenty-four hours earlier.

The session demanded a LOT from the group. Four groups of six players grafted through it and survived. Four groups of six planned the session out together.

They thought about the strengths and weaknesses in the group. The stronger did more. The weaker played their part. No moaning. There was no time. Just application of productive strength exercises in a mindful considered manner. Plenty of communication, encouragement, character, banter and laughter. Perhaps the key qualities you really do want your team to possess?

Let’s rewind seven days.

In October 2012 I was fortunate to be selected tutor for United Kingdom’s /UK’s Strength and Conditioning Association.

On 27 November, I attended the tutor training with Gil Stevenson, in Glasgow. A thoroughly enjoyable few days with some good learning going on and some great people. It was tarnished by one event I won’t forget.

Listening to one of the presenters on the training course I felt my phone buzzing in my pocket. Nothing unusual there.

I picked up the phone and checked who was ringing me It was Andrew Lawson. I didn’t take the call as we were in the middle of a presentation.

Laws or Lawsy is the head coach for the MCCU Cricket team I look after. He is a great coach. I learnt a lot from his mentality, discipline and character.

 It rang again. Still in the middle of a presentation, so I let it ring again.

 Then a text came through:

Brendan, please phone me ASAP to update on Tom Hardman who passed away on Tuesday night. Cheers, Laws.

I read it, shouted uncontrollably and ran out of the room.

I spoke to Laws for half-an-hour. Another call came in from Nick Gore Athletic Union manager at Leeds Met asking for me to call him for the same reason. I called him and broke down, a sobbing wreck.

Tommy Hardman sadly passed away in his sleep from a heart condition on Tuesday 27 November 2012.He was the captain of the cricket team, a great leader, a great lad.

I coached him twice a week, a keen trainee and big fan of my strength and conditioning program. – a future S&C coach.

This job is not about sets and reps. It’s about relationships. The bonds you build with others/those around you can’t be taught on a degree program, or on a course or anywhere else.. This is real life. We work with real life people. We are real life people. .

Fast forward seven days and back to the 10,000kg challenge. I made it up less than twenty-four hours prior to that session.

What was the training objective? Strength? Endurance? Conditioning? Nope, this one had nothing to do with physical qualities, it was all about TEAM BUILDING, communication and hopefully some laughter. These are the things that matter. We simply cannot forget that. Tommy would have LOVED that session and all the lads knew it.

We enjoyed doing it together and working through some physical pain.

So forget sets and reps for a second. Let’s think about the people. The individuals behind the program who want, your help, need your guidance, your friendship, your integrity and your focus on their development.

Relationships take time to build. Theres so much more beneath the surface.

By all means have a go at the 10,000kg challenge in your group. Think of someone you’ve lost and do it for them.

This book does not answer questions. My actual goal is that by reading it, you will have more questions. That’s what coaching is all about. Questioning how to move forward; for yourself and your clients. It’s not a masterpiece. It’s not right or wrong. It’s merely part of my thoughts and experiences that I wish to share.

Please share any of this stuff with anyone you feel will benefit. It’s great to give.


All the profits for this book will be donated to the British Heart Foundation and CRY (Cardiac Risk in the Young). In memory of Tommy and as a contribution to the UK’s biggest killer in Heart Disease.

Don’t forget you can grab the book HERE if you want to read it and it’s all for a good cause.

Many thanks,



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