Combat Performance Training PLUS 3 OTHER COOL things..

So yesterday I mentioned that my brand new video collection Combat Performance Training for Sports will be released this weekend.

This really is a collection I’m proud of as the combat sports and martial arts are my personal passion but also athletic development and coaching are where I’ve found so much enjoyment and fulfilment over the last 10 years.

So it’s really cool to be able to bring this collection to you which shows both aspects and offers something that is not available on the market at the current time. A complete collection showing how to integrate martial arts and combat training into sports strength and conditioning.

If you haven’t watched the trailer yet please check it out below:

The video will be ready Saturday and of course it will be available at the early bird price for the first 50 people to place an order.

If you want it take action and you’ll be rewarded. It’s that simple.

I’ve also got 3 other products coming out this weekend that will made into a very useful bundle along with the Combat Performance Training Collection. So look out for those.

There is a book in there too which is well worth getting hold of.

This video features a lot of my current thinking on athletic development. But of course ┬ámy current thinking is very much influenced my many of the great coaches and athletes I’ve had the fortune to learn from and I want to give some mentions of those people today. This is not an award speech at all got to recognise the contributions made.

Mike Wray my first MMA instructor and Vale Tudo coach who introduced me to a lot of the martial arts I enjoy today.

Karl Tanswell for his superb coaching and thinking on both martial asrts and athletic development in general. A true professional ahead of his time and still is. Credit to the Straight Blast Gym group in general for their Aliveness approach.

Steve Muckle and the rest of the Combat Base team. Ever present, solid, hard training with a process and method that produces constant development. Ed Drysdale, Graeme Allsop and Chris Campbell deserve a solid mention here.

Gary Pollard one of the best wrestling coaches I’ve ever trained with. Jimmy one of the best wrestling partners I’ve been up against too.

Gav Boardman, Will Burke, Kam and Andy Miles for the fun and games in Manchester (and some good sparring too!)

Danny Mitchell the Cheesecake Assassin who I’m very fortunate to coach but also learn from which his approach and attitude to competing and preparation. Yorkshires first UFC fighter too. It never ceases to maze me the control exhibited in the preparation and the execution of his sport.

The MMA teams I’ve had the fortune to work with including Fulinkazan and the AVT crew. Learning is the only way.

All the training partners I’ve trained with over the years and now. We improve together and not independently.

Finally to Fighting Fit, jay Furness at YourMMA, Cage Warriors and all the other magazines and websites that have helped me formulate my methods and coaching philosophies. Awesome.

Thank you.

Coming this weekend!
Coming this weekend!