Maximum SPEED with Jared Deacon

In this podcast interview, I’m talking all things SPEED with High Performance S&C coach, sprints coach, and former Commonwealth gold medallist sprinter Jared Deacon.

For those of you who don’t know Jared, he is a true professional in the field. He is a UKSCA tutor and has designed the latest speed and plyometrics workshop along with his role as Lead S&C Coach for the EIS at Loughborough. As an athlete he’s been there and done it too with a Commonwealth Gold Medal to his name.

More importantly, he can coach and get results.

I’ve been fortunate to have known him for a fair few years now, in fact he interviewed me for one of my former jobs at Durham University and at the EIS in Gateshead.

The interview covers the following areas:

We covered the following areas:

Jareds background as an athlete and coach

Who he works with now

intro to speed training and Jareds key influences

What do people tend to get wrong in coaching speed

importance of strength for speed

How to apply in S&C programmes where people have limited time and exposure, perhaps gym based solutions

It’s a top interview, don’t forget to let me know how you apply these principles and the role of speed training in your programmes.

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In the video, we discussed MAXIMUM SPEED, the upcoming Speed Training Video covering all the work you need to incorporate a really comprehensive speed development programme with your athletes.

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