How to Build Lightening Fast Athletes and Clients

This is simply the best resource available for building speed, one of the most vital qualities required in sport today!

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Speed is one of the most fundamental qualities that we can possess and it isn’t just a case of it being a given talent.

There are so many things that we can do to develop linear speed and multi-directional speed in our athletes and clients.  Fortunately, all bases are covered in this amazing limited time bundle offer!

If you are looking to develop your own speed, so you can improve your sprint times for competition or fun, you’ll find masses of instantly applicable drills and principles that will bring super-fast results.

Working with track athletes?  You’ll learn quality key principles and drills from GB International Gold Medallist Jared Deacon that you can adopt tomorrow!

Looking to develop the speed of team based sport athletes, one of the game changing qualities that is often the difference between winning or losing?

This special offer includes...

  • Maximum Speed

    International Gold Medallist Jared Deacon presents a real masterclass in speed development, covering Acceleration, Max Velocity speed, Plyometrics and technique drills.

    Learn all the drills Jared used during his own successful career, through years of proven practice!

  • Guaranteed Speed

    Lead Strength & Conditioning Coach for County Champions Yorkshire County Cricket and part of the England Cricket set up, Ian Fisher, shares all his secrets to developing speed for team sports, using the drills currently being used right now in top flight cricket, including his go to gym based work.  This is unreleased exclusive footage.

  • The Big Speed Picture

    Ex GB International Jared Deacon shares his secrets on how to take all his go to drills and principles and program them to maximise results, whether for your own training, or athletes and clients you coach.

    Learn all the theory – different approaches, such as short to long and key principles to develop lighting fast individuals or teams.

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Brendan is a fantastic coach who has all the qualifications but more importantly knows how to coach and engage with people and make them better. I like to learn from the best people who will push me to improve and Brendan has taught me a lot through his great mentorship programme and his knowledge and passion for developing coaches is the best.

Joe Wear

It contains not just information, but real wisdom that coaches of all experience levels will profit from. If you don't have the opportunity to train directly with the author (something every athlete and coach should try to do at some point if possible), at least you can tap his vast reserves of knowledge.

David Joyce

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