Some good, healthy food #2: Introducing PR!

Still soaking up the atmosphere in London this week with the global coaches house rocking with quality lectures and getting to see some amazing athletes do their thing too. Watched badminton today courtesy of high performance badminton coach James Vincent, and going to Judo tomorrow morning before going back to the coaches house with Vern Gambetta and Frank Dick on Saturday. If you’ve not been down yet make sure you check the coaches house out!

Anyway, as I’m having to be creative to get good healthy food down here I thought I would drop you a few clips of some good food. PR Cole is a top MMA nutritionalist but more importantly her recipes are creative and tasty! Here’s a few that I like personally. See what you think of them and let me know 🙂

Here’s a nice breakfast using Quinoa:

A top salmon recipe that I personally like very much:

And lastly for my friend Danny ‘Cheesecake Assasin’ Mitchell, a cheesecake recipe that has a little more health in it than normal cheesecake!

Don’t forget to let me know what you think folks!


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