SNFTV Episode 15 Jumping Around……

Hi folks,

So here is the second video of the week.

This one is very different. I’ve got 2 of my tennis superstars Katie and Emily Morton showing off their jumping skills.

Now I haven’t shown you the underpinning work that’s gone on here. Maybe that’s for another video.

We do jumping and landing work, hopping and bounding and go through a phase of force absorption and introduce more intensity and challenging work as things move on.

But the thing for me with plyometrics is how to vary it. How to add some chaos into the equation.

How to add decisions into the mix.

Surely that’s what sporting movement is all about?

Kelvin Giles talks about TUF, SUF, DUF.

Technique under fatigue.

Skills under fatigue.

Decision Making under fatigue.

Are you ticking those boxes with your preparation programmes?

This is some of the stuff I use to incorportate skills and decisions.

Watch the video and let me know your thoughts.

Vern Gambetta will be talking a LOT about speed and plyometrics next weekend in his SPEED TO THE MAX COURSE.

Click the picture below to check it out.




  1. gavin October 25, 2013 at 10:50 am

    great session.

    You mention you have had these kids for 4 years. When would you look to start doing this type of session with them.


    1. Brendan Chaplin October 26, 2013 at 8:04 am

      Hi Gav,
      We have always done jumping based activities, of varying intensities and still do now.

      The more I think about it the more I would do with younger kids.
      It’s so good for stimulating learning and competence.
      Movement puzzles is surely the way forward for developing adaptable people.
      I would give them these types of drills at any age but just alter the heights of the hurdles according to their ability to jump and land effectively.
      Next year hoping to do a workshop on movement puzzles.


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