S&C TV: Interview with Ian Fisher

Our first episode of Strength and Conditioning TV is here! We are revamped, rebranded and ready for action!

Join us for an abundance of informative videos where Brendan Chaplin discusses technique and sport with various athletes and coaches. You will even get the chance to observe exercise demonstrations to help you develop your skills.

To kick off the first episode we have Ian Fisher under the spotlight! Ian is the head of Strength and Conditioning for Yorkshire County Cricket. Ian has been involved in sports, exercise, health and wellbeing for his entire career. In this episode Ian discusses his journey from his first role in Strength and Conditioning and the challenges he faced getting back into cricket as a Strength and Conditioning Coach.

Listen in to hear stories of sets, reps and scantly clad women!

I hope you enjoyed our first episode of Strength and Conditioning TV. I am positive there is plenty of information you can take away from this interview!

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