S&C TV: Squatting Patterns

S&C TV are back again with more episodes from season 2. We will be providing you with interesting content and engaging topics in the form of interviews and workouts.

Join us this week for a workout packed episode where Brendan demonstrates various squatting patterns. From the overhead to the rack squat, Brendan highlights techniques which can determine if your client has mobility or stability issues and how to resolve these.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks episode. Be sure to join us next week for more informative content.

If you try out some of these squatting techniques, it would be great to hear what you think; write on our blog or social media pages.

Watch last weeks episode

In our last episode Brendan and David Stache, owner of Nourish, discuss food solutions on the go. David and Brendan provide advice on how to plan your meals, make exciting batches and help you stick to your diet plans. If you are tired of flavourless foods and want more from your lunch than boiled chicken and broccoli, then this is the episode for you. If you missed last weeks episode you can still catch it on our blog.

Learn more about squatting patterns

Have a look at our level 4 course, you will learn about the different squatting techniques that have been discussed in the video. Ensure you and your clients are using these for the best progression.

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