S&C TV: How to Create the Best Training Environment

S&C TV are back again offering you a weekly range of informative content including interviews and workouts.

Join us this week where Brendan discusses the significance of a good training environment with Ian Fisher, Yorkshire County Cricket Strength and Conditioning coach.

During this episode Ian reveals the structure of his training programmes, from summer club to winter gym training and what sessions work best for performance. Techniques behind driving team sport and empowering players is also contended along with what equipment provides the best results.

You can watch the full video below or on Youtube by clicking here


I hope you benefited from this weeks episode of S&C TV. It would be great to know if any of the ideas discussed have inspired you to make changes to your gym/ training environment or if you have any more ideas you would like to add.

Learn more about changing your gym/ training environment

I hope you joined us last week for our energetic episode with Brendan Chaplin and Sophie Wood. Last weeks episode highlighted various dumbbell circuit exercises and the value of longer sets. Alternatively check out our level 4 courses based across the UK. It’s no good just being capable in the gym we must be able to get people fit for their sport or activity too. You’ll learn exactly how to do that on our strength courses!

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