S&C TV: How to Balance Business and Health

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Join us this week where Brendan discusses how to balance business and health with David Stache, the owner of  healthy fast food restaurant Nourish.

In this episode you can learn strategies for managing your training around a busy schedule from two industry experts. Brendan suggests a selection of 30 minute exercises, three times a week and different ways to monitor your progress.

I hope there is plenty you can take away from this episode and it can easily be implemented into your schedule .

It would be great to hear if you have anymore suggestions on how to balance a busy career around training. Comment on our blog or social media sites.

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In our last episode looked at positive training environments and how they can influence performance. Brendan Chaplin chatted with Ian Fisher from Yorkshire County Cricket about the structure and techniques behind driving team sport and empowering players within a gym environment. If you haven’t watched the episode you can still catch it on our blog. Alternatively check out our level 4 course, taking place across the UK. Learn about nutrition for sport performance and why it is so important.

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