Become an expert in Underground Strength Training with Strength and Conditioning Education

Gain REP's CPD points on our BRAND NEW workshop!

  • Learn some exercise variations using Barbells, Dumbbells and Kettlebells that you may never have seen before
  • Develop progressions and regressions for each movement to give yourself and your clients an appropriate challenge
  • Learn how to programme to use these underground drills for qualities such as strength, power or endurance
  • Build a tool kit full of extreme upper, lower and full body workouts that require only the basic equipment in every gym
  • Develop unrivalled grip and core strength that will have a huge carryover into your traditional workouts

At Strength and Conditioning Education we offer first-class fitness development across a range of educational platforms. Through various learning resources, from leading coaches and practitioners, we will advance your abilities and accelerate your success. 

Have you ever...

  • Found yourself struggling for variations of the typical BB/DB/KB exercises?
  • Felt that your grip/core strength has been letting your performance suffer?
  • Struggled to challenge your clients and stop them from ever getting bored?

Even better...The workshop will be accredited by REPs so you'll earn yourself 6 CPD points

Please note: The workshops will run 10am: 4pm

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