Productive Strength Training

Videos in This Set

  • Productive Strength Training (Part 1)
  • Productive Strength Training (Part 2)
  • Productive Strength Training (Part 3)
  • Productive Strength Training (Part 4)

More About Tommy Yule

Tommy Yule is a talented and accomplished strength and conditioning coach with 10 years experience in managing and leading strength and conditioning support in high performance sport. He has coached many international athletes, including Olympic, World and Commonwealth Games medallists and is currently Performance Director for British Weightlifting where he overseas all aspects of performance coaching, preparation and management of the world class lifting programme. Prior to his current role  Tommy was a consultant S&C coach for UK Athletics and the English Institute of Sport. He has previously worked as Regional Head Strength and Conditioning coach for the for English Institute of Sport where he had a wide-ranging remit across many sports including leading the support for the Olympic boxing and diving teams.

Tommy is a graduate from the University of Oxford and is currently doing his PhD at Loughborough University in the monitoring of Strength development for Elite athletes.  Over a long career as an international athlete in Olympic Weightlifting he has won 5 Commonwealth Games medals, British record holder, 6 times British Champion and represented Great Britain at 2000 Olympic Games.

Tommy Yule
Performance Director for British Weightlifting

Title: Productive Strength Training
Coach/Presenter: Tommy Yule
Number of Videos: 4
Total Duration: 2 hours 35 minutes

Learn how to develop high levels of transfer from the gym to the competitive arena from someone who knows how.

Here’s what you’ll learn from watching the video series

  • Where to start with strength training in order to maximise gains
  • What is productive strength training? (Clue…it’s NOT simply lifting more weight!)
  • Sport specific strength - where does this fit into the equation?
  • What’s the REAL goal of your training and that of your athletes and clients?
  • How to develop your athletes - you’ll learn about the principles of trainability
  • Key questions you MUST be asking your clients and athletes to ensure that you come to the BEST possible solution for them
  • Limiting factors that present themselves and how to address these (Clue…don’t just think about the body!)
  • Key coaching cues for different movements from one of the VERY BEST there is!
  • What to put into the black box in order to create change
  • How to assess your athletes and why you DON’T need to write a programme on day 1 or 2
  • Periodisation - can we predict adaptations and use this to inform our programmes?
  • The truth about loadings and sequencing of training and how to make all of this SO MUCH EASIER for your athletes and YOURSELF!
  • A new look at the force velocity curve and how to apply in sports performance training
  • Coaching using the force velocity curve and how this can help you with your programmes
  • How to recover from heavy lifting sessions (Some really unique ideas here)
  • Prophylactic training- what is it and how to incorporate for productive gains
  • Flow loading - why you need to consider HOW you’re coaching movement
  • How strong is strong?
  • The strength versus effort equation - how to determine when strength is NOT to be focussed on
  • Power Training considerations and the intensity zones we need to be working in to build strength (It’s really not what you think it is by the way!)
  • When to NOT increase the weight and why
  • What is acceptable technique in the critical movements and why this may change between specific athletes and sports
  • How to load people for productive gains (It’s not what you might be thinking here)
  • Should we be GRINDING out reps with our clients and athletes?
  • When to use squats and deadliest and the differences between the two movements in terms of stress and loading on the body
  • Mobility work that can be used with specific individuals depending on their restrictions and limiting factors
  • How to cue for maximum efforts in the gym
  • Questions you NEED to be asking your athletes when they are lifting heavy (Some real coaching gems here)
  • When to NOT jump up in weight and how to decide how much to increase by each set
  • Tommy Yule’s bigger picture - we have to keep this in mind at all times
  • How to build confidence and mental strength through gym based training and lifting
  • This video will outline Tommy’s 4 major building blocks for developing athletes that can perform better
  • You’ll learn about the changing influence of strength training throughout the year and when to emphasise different qualities
  • How to raise potential and how to realise potential, 2 VERY different components
  • How to use strength training as a restorative tool versus a strengthening tool
  • How to build your programme, when high repetition deadliest are GOOD and when NOT to use them!
  • How to construct sessions that result in productive gains- you’ll see countless examples of Tommy’s programmes and exactly what he uses with his athletes
  • How to choose exercises to get the job done. You’ll learn Tommy’s classification system that you can incorporate instantly into your own programme design
  • The reality of movement assessments and how Tommy uses an ongoing assessment process with his athletes
  • The truth about grip strength and how this fits into the bigger picture
  • Strength in context - a case study using strongman training
  • The value of heavy carries, the yoke, sled work and conditioning in the overall productive strength process