Plyometrics for Power

I use a lot of plyometrics in my programmes. Many of which are entry level movements to build stability which progress to more advanced movements over time when the athlete earns the right to progress. But I seem to get lots of questions about what we do, how we do it and what specific movements we use.

Let’s look at lower body plyometrics first. Essentially you have hops, jumps and bounds, and combinations of these.

Jumps are 2 feet to 2 feet. Hops are one foot to one foot. Bounds are one foot to the other foot. That makes sense right?

If so, then this means that there is no such thing as a 2 footed bound or hop. Or there is no such thing as a left footed jump! Once we understand the terminology then you can begin to programme plyometrics.

Combination movements come in when you incorporate bounds to jumps, or a jump to a single leg landing. This is still a jump though.

So now we have the terminology right, let’s talk about coaching.

This is a poorly done area. With people progressing to difficulty levels that are well in advance of where they should be.

Stick to the basics, get them right first. Learn to jump and land, learn to absorb force first. We spend so much time on this before we even think about reactive ‘traditional’ plyometrics.

If people want I’ll film and show the progressions I tend to use and some variations. Just leave me a comment.

For now though, I want to show the master himself Mike Boyle talking about Jumping.

This is a great example of getting things right before you move forwards.

Please watch and take note.

Mike Boyle on box jumps:

The next piece of info I would like to draw your attention to is this article, again from Mike Boyle.

A great article on beginning a plyometric programme that’s well worth a read.

Beginning Plyometrics Mike Boyle



So there you go for now, plyometrics are a great tool to improve explosive power when programmed and delivered correctly.

If you want more info I’ll show some progressions and more info on this.

Thanks and peace out,


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