Olympic Weightlifting Fundamentals

Videos in This Set

  • Olympic Weightlifting Fundamentals (Part 1)
  • Olympic Weightlifting Fundamentals (Part 2)
  • Olympic Weightlifting Fundamentals (Part 3)
  • Olympic Weightlifting Fundamentals (Part 4)

More About Giles Greenwood

Giles started training at Colvestone Youth Centre, Hackney in 1983 and competed in his first competition as a fifteen year old in 1986. His competitive career lasted for 16 years during which he represented Great Britain in many international competitions around the world won 10 consecutive British titles (1993-2002), EU medals (1994, 1999) and 5 Commonwealth Games medals including a gold medal for the snatch in 2002.

On retiring from competitive weightlifting in early 2003, Giles promptly lost 4½ stone (“You can’t be a superheavy forever!”) and took a job as weightlifting coach at London’s famous Bethnal Green Weightlifting Club. Bethnal Green was founded in 1926 making it the oldest weightlifting club in the country. Since joining the team at Bethnal Green as head weightlifting coach, Giles has helped his athletes to achieve honours at regional and national junior level but is still awaiting his first British senior title as a coach although a second place by Bethnal Green lifter Luke Dorn in 2010 and a British schoolboy champion in Datinder Sehkri in 2011 promises much.

Although retired from competition, Giles still enjoys lifting weights, although slightly lighter than in the past, and continues to coach weightlifters and athletes of all standards at Bethnal Green.

Giles Greenwood

Title: Olympic Weightlifting Fundamentals
Coach/Presenter: Giles Greenwood
Number of Videos: 4
Total Duration: 2 hours 20 minutes

This video collection is all about making it simple. Too many resources out there try to baffle people with science when in reality it’s pretty simple. Simplicity is a cornerstone of my personal philosophy of coaching and it’s something that you will find when you watch these videos. If you’re looking for lots of meaningless data and numbers this is NOT the resource for you. If you’re looking for results, performance training that works, and a thorough understanding of how to develop athletes then you NEED to check it out.

Here’s what you’ll learn from watching the video series

  • An introduction to Olympic Weightlifting
  • Examining the best - A look at how some of the very best in the world are lifting and what YOU can take from this
  • Safety factors you MUST be aware of for yourself and your clients
  • Detailed look at the phases of the clean
  • How to suit the lifts to different sports and athletes
  • The JUMP position- where everything happens
  • Warming Up - A look at developing mobility and how to effectively warm-up for your olympic lifting sessions
  • Practical session covering warm-ups and start positions
  • Practical problem solving for different body shapes. A coaching masterclass in itself!
  • Overhead lifting including drop snatches, overhead squats and more
  • The Jerk Key Positions
  • Power Jerks, Split Jerks, Squat Jerks….they are ALL covered!
  • Practical session on Jerks including foot position for all jerk movements
  • Coaching masterclass on developing a solid jerk and how it fits in to the full programme
  • Programming considerations for olympic weightlifting
  • Understanding levers that apply to all lifting movements
  • Applying force to the pull to get the most out of your lifting
  • How to build STRENGTH through Olympic Weightlifting
  • The HIT - This might be THE most important part of the entire collection!
  • Developing explosive power through hip strength and explosiveness
  • The BEST Derivatives to use in your coaching system
  • Assistance exercises that will help you build greater athletisicm, mobility and sport specific strength
  • The HOOK GRIP - Why you need to be using this to get STRONG!
  • A Real Coaching masterclass from Giles Greenwood
  • The myth of Jumping in Olympic Lifting
  • Jumping UP Versus Jumping DOWN
  • How the VERY BEST do it - A thorough analysis of what the best are doing and WHY
  • Panda Pulls and Kangaroo Pulls - How you can use these movements in your training!
  • Squatting for weightlifting - How it differed from how you’re doing it NOW!
  • Practical on the Snatch including snatch pulls, hang snatches, power snatches, squat snatches and MORE
  • The right weight to be training at for YOU
  • You’ll have a thorough understanding of the lifts following this video