Olympic Wright Lifting For Athletes

Videos in This Set

  • Olympic Weightlifting for Athletes (Part 1)
  • Olympic Weightlifting for Athletes (Part 2)
  • Olympic Weightlifting for Athletes (Part 3)
  • Olympic Weightlifting for Athletes (Part 4)

More About Tommy Yule

Tommy Yule is a talented and accomplished strength and conditioning coach with 10 years experience in managing and leading strength and conditioning support in high performance sport. He has coached many international athletes, including Olympic, World and Commonwealth Games medallists and is currently Performance Director for British Weightlifting where he overseas all aspects of performance coaching, preparation and management of the world class lifting programme. Prior to his current role  Tommy was a consultant S&C coach for UK Athletics and the English Institute of Sport. He has previously worked as Regional Head Strength and Conditioning coach for the for English Institute of Sport where he had a wide-ranging remit across many sports including leading the support for the Olympic boxing and diving teams.

Tommy is a graduate from the University of Oxford and is currently doing his PhD at Loughborough University in the monitoring of Strength development for Elite athletes.  Over a long career as an international athlete in Olympic Weightlifting he has won 5 Commonwealth Games medals, British record holder, 6 times British Champion and represented Great Britain at 2000 Olympic Games.

Tommy Yule
Performance Director for British Weightlifting

Title: Olympic Weightlifting for Athletes
Coach/Presenter: Tommy Yule
Number of Videos: 4
Total Duration: 2 hours 45 minutes

The challenge with Olympic Weightlifting in Strength and Conditioning has always been HOW TO IMPLEMENT the lifts with ATHLETES. That problem has now been solved by Tommy Yule.

Here’s what you’ll learn from watching the video series

  • Power outputs you can expect from the lifts and how this compares to alternatives
  • Mobility adaptations that can be expected from incorporating the lifts
  • Cleans versus Jumping- Which one wins?
  • The black box- what can we put in to develop power?
  • 2 Key factors that you need to know about when designing programmes for your clients and athletes
  • Quality versus Quantity- a consideration for you in your coaching
  • Effective coaching to LEARNING- what not to say and how to maximise uptake from your clients
  • Addressing limiting factors- what’s stopping your athletes from progressing in their training? It may well be something you’re not looking at
  • How to be powerful and explosive
  • Setting up for power- the first pull
  • The importance of INTENT in training
  • Overcoming limitations that you or your athletes will face
  • Snatch, Clean OR Jerk? Which one to use to create the adaptations you need
  • Push Press Versus Jump Squat- which one is the right exercise for YOU?
  • How to prepare for lifting sessions
  • Key mobility exercises you need to know about
  • Band stretches and when to use them
  • The Overhead Squat- where it fits in and when NOT to use it
  • The Front Squat and the benefits of using this critical exercise
  • The Clean- how to coach and perform effectively
  • What we are looking for with the olympic lifts when using with athletes
  • How to find the right JUMP or POWER position for your training and for your athletes
  • Explorative learning in the weights room
  • How to maximise training for POWER with the time you have with your athletes and clients
  • Problem solving common faults, coaching cues to use, instant corrections, grip strength, posture and much, much more
  • Speeds required to catch and complete the clean- if you’re not moving the bar this fast you’ll fail the lift!
  • Structural balance in the lifts- how much you should be squatting to clean the weight you need. How much your snatch should be, press, pull etc etc
  • What are the critical exercises and which are supplementary?
  • Muscle cleans and snatches- this derivative can rapidly accelerate your progress
  • How to load effectively to get the most from your athletes and your training
  • The Jerk- explorative learning to get you super powerful and explosive
  • Athlete applications and progressions for the jerk nd derivatives
  • Behind the neck jerks
  • Addressing weak links- grip strength, structural strength and stability
  • Productive strength goals in your athletes
  • Using the power clean for strength development
  • How to develop high levels of dynamic correspondence to sports and other activities
  • How to decide when and which lifts to use with your athletes- when is is WRONG to use the lifts? When is it too high a cost?
  • Intensity zones and how to capitalise on the time you have available
  • The truth about GRINDING out reps!
  • Drop sets and loading parameters for getting MAXIMAL RESULTS
  • Forces in the cleans from different positions that will affect your exercise selection
  • Applications to athletes summary and question and answers