Newsletter: May 2021

Is persistence enough?
When we think about what it takes to achieve success lots of words come to mind….passion, drive, work ethic, etc etc. Personally I often think resourcefulness and persistence are a key part of the equation. Just having that ability to see things through even when it’s not going your way.

But I don’t think persistence alone is enough, that could result in just banging your head against the wall even harder!!

I was listening to an interview with famed Jiu Jitsu and MMA coach John Danaher this week and he used the phrase ‘Intelligent Adaptive Persistence’ and it really resonated with me. With things changing so fast these days from new technology, social media, the pandemic and more, we really need to commit to actively seeking a better solution to solve the problem, otherwise we run the risk of being quickly outdated and behind. And so the intelligent adaptive element is critical.

We need to be upskilling ourselves, raising our capacity for more knowledge, and improving our daily performance. And that‘s exactly what our students have been doing recently. It’s been a huge month for SCE on the L4, mentorship and in the Elite Coach Network too and it’s deeply impressive the commitment each and every one of you keeps showing when it comes to continual improvement.

And if you’re reading this considering taking our Level 4 or any other course and you like the values we have here I really would encourage you to set up a call to speak to our coaches by replying to this email. Remember, you’re reading this for a reason.

To your success,


SCE Quote of the Month

During a mentor call with a student, the same old problem kept on arising – ‘lack of clarity’. They were insistent on trying to develop varying differing programmes for a whole host of people. This led them to swim in circles and not get anywhere in their business.

After going through the 7 killer questions and finding out what the true driving force was behind this coach, we were able to design a plan that allowed them to focus on one thing that would deliver everything they wanted from their coaching.

Are you in the same position as that coach?

Do you need some guidance on how to create that one great product?

Then simply book a call with one of our mentors and they will be more than happy to help!

Student of the Month

The May SCE Student of the Month award goes to Steve McGill!

Our June student of the month award goes to Steve McGill from Westhill in Aberdeenshire. Steve joined us in August last year by completing the Fundamentals course, before enrolling onto the Level 4 in October. He clearly had a passion for S&C principles from the start and this was obvious to us during his practical assessment, demonstrating enthusiasm and an eye for the technical requirements.

However, the main reason for this award is down to the work and effort he put into his case study presentation, dropping only 1 mark overall and managing a 100% pass mark. Congratulations Steve, well deserved!

Your prize, a book from Human Kinetics will be on its way to you shortly!

Level 4 S&C Award Practical Workshops

We delivered workshops in both Bristol and London in May and met two more fantastic groups of students who enjoyed getting stuck in to the practical sessions.

Due to the recent lockdowns, places on our workshops are in high demand, however if you would like to be placed on our waiting list, please contact our customer services team by clicking the button below!

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APP Student Feedback

We continue to receive excellent feedback from students on our Accelerated Pass Programme

“Massive thank you to you and your team. Will be recommending the course to anyone I come across looking at becoming a strength coach” Oliver Chamberlain, L4 S&C Graduate, April 2021

“The APP has been amazing with giving me structure to the learning.” Calvin Holmes, L4 S&C Graduate, May 2021

“I’ve really enjoyed the experience and can’t wait to start a new career path” Steve McGiill, L4 S&C Graduate, May 2021

“Thank you for all of the presentations, support and help so far on the APP, it’s been extremely enjoyable to date” Daniel King, L4 S&C Graduate, April 2021

“Thanks Chris and congratulations to you, Brendan and the team for having run such an effective Accelerated Pass Programme as a means of delivering the course during lockdowns.” Paul Sinnadurai , L4 S&C Graduate, Feb 2021

“The help throughout was great, the access to constant feedback and APP really made things helpful.” Tom Newman, L4 S&C Graduate, Mar 2021

If you are on our Level 4 Strength and Conditioning Award and feel like you may benefit from additional support, then why not join our 8 week Accelerated Pass Programme! With weekly Zoom sessions, homework and WhatsApp support, it is the perfect tool to help support and guide you through the course entirely online.

Our next APP programme starts on the 7th July, to enquire or book a place, just speak to our customer services team by clicking the button below!

ECM Update

We are just finishing up the Intensification phase of the Elite Coach Mentorship at the moment and the students are seeing some fantastic results so far!

During a 1-2-1 call in which students get regular access, ECM student Darren mentioned how by simply implementing some of the strategies and tactics within the programme, he has been able to add 10 new clients to his boxing gym in the space of one week!

This is a testament to Darren’s work ethic and his ability to try new things. Now he is in a position to expand his class timetable due to popular demand and knowing exactly where he needs to focus his energy. This isn’t a one-off though, this is a regular thing within the ECM programme. A wide variety of coaches have come through the programme and have gone on to do great things within their business. Now, they all had different definitions of greatness and that’s the brilliant thing about the ECM. It delivers results that YOU want, rather than results based on other people’s definition of success.

If you are interested in joining the Elite Coach Mentorship, click the button below!

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Elite Coach Network Update

With over 300 coaches now part of the Elite Coach Network, now has never been a better time to get involved. With regular discussions and training videos, coaches in the community never stop developing.

This month we have discussed a variety of topics from self-reflection skills for coaches to long term athletic development models. With a huge amount of opportunities available within fitness and sport at the moment, it’s crucial that coaches constantly refine and develop their knowledge and skills. This is what produces success stories like Adam. He is a regular contributor and consumes all the content within the Elite Coach Network and is constantly reaping the rewards.

If you want to be a part of this growing community and get access to some brilliant coaching content, then head over to the Elite Coach Network and start your 2 month FREE trial today!


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We love to hear your feedback

Feedback spurs us on and helps us to continually improve our courses and services. Plus we just love to hear it! To share your experiences during your journey with us, and how it has changed your life after, please email us at info@strengthandconditioningeducation.com

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To your Strength and Success,
From Strength and Conditioning Education

Newsletter: May 2021

Is persistence enough? When we think about what it takes to achieve success lots of words come to mind….passion, drive, work ethic, etc etc. Personally I often think resourcefulness and persistence are a key part of the equation. Just having that ability to see things through even when it’s not going your way. But I don’t think persistence alone is enough, that could result in just

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7 Easy Steps to Set Goals

Whilst 2020 hasn’t been the year we expected, you can still set your goals and achieve them. In fact, there has never been a more important time to focus on what you truly want from your career. Below are a few points from our CEO Brendan Chaplin to help you plan and simplify this process and provide you with key goal setting principles. Step 1

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Elite Coach Mentorship Student Success Stories

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Strength Training For Children & Young Adults

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How to Return to Coaching After Covid 19: Covid Comeback Plan

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