Newsletter: June 2021

In this month’s newsletter I’d like to talk to you about Mentorship, a term that has become more and more common in recent years. So much so that I’m not sure anyone really understands what it means any more!

I first became acquainted with the term as a mentee when as a teenager, I was obsessed with martial arts but had no real idea how to make it my life. My first mentors in this field were Karl Tanswell and Mike Wray; both world class martial artists in their own rights and they showed me the way. 3 years later I was a full time martial arts coach earning a great living but more importantly free from the emotional baggage that was telling me I needed to conform to the ‘get a job’ mentality.

Since then in every meaningful chapter of my life I’ve had multiple mentors that have helped me to move quickly, take the learnings, challenge me and literally transform my life for the better including becoming the youngest university Head of Strength and Conditioning at Durham University in 2007.

I began mentoring coaches over 10 years ago. At first informally, which does work, but then in a more structured manner, which is far more impactful in my experience. Back then it wasn’t the buzzword it is today and through the mentorship process countless coaches progressed rapidly into their chosen field be it high performance sport, business, youth training, online or combinations of all three.

And since then our mentorship programme has continually evolved and improved to what it is today, with over 10,000 coaches trained, jobs filled, businesses grown and lives changed. I’m very proud of what we’ve been able to do at Strength and Conditioning Education.

If mentorship is something you feel could benefit you and help you achieve your goals please do let us know or you can book an appointment by clicking HERE.

To Your Success,


SCE Quote of the Month

“The secret of success is to do the common thing uncommonly well.”

As we develop as coaches, we can often get carried away with trying more complex training systems or exercises. This month’s quote serves as a reminder that we typically achieve success in all areas of life by doing the basics incredibly well. If your athlete has a great squat, an incredible vertical jump and a lightning-fast 30m sprint, then they will perform well in their sport (most sports anyway!). Work hard to develop these qualities and let your athletes reap the rewards.

Student of the Month

The June SCE Student of the Month award goes to Darren Chanagasubbay!

Every month we like to highlight a specific individual who has stood out from the pack for whatever reason. This month’s winner is based on his positivity, enthusiasm and energy, so congratulations to Darren Chanagasubbay from Purley – you are our July student of the month. Well done – we are really enjoying your time with us here at SCE.

Your prize – a book from Human Kinetics will be on its way to you shortly!

Throughout June we have visited Birmingham, Manchester and London delivering our Level 4 workshops, and it feels so good to be back!

Due to the recent lockdowns, places on our workshops are in high demand, however if you would like to be placed on our waiting list, please contact our customer services team by clicking the button below!

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APP Student Feedback

We continue to receive excellent feedback from students on our Accelerated Pass Programme.

“Thank you to SCE Education for fantastic delivery of the course through live Zoom sessions with Chris Duncan!”

Maria Braviakova
L4 S&C and APP Student

“The APP has been amazing with giving me structure to the learning.”

Calvin Holmes
L4 S&C Graduate, May 2021

I’ve really enjoyed the experience and can’t wait to start a new career path

Steve McGiill
L4 S&C Graduate, May 2021

“On my journey with these guys I had tutors every step of the way helping and guiding me. They made me feel important and encouraged me to keep going. These guys want you to pass. I have had such a great experience I booked more courses with them. I am a level 4 coach today proud of myself thanks to their guidance and help, and highly highly recommend.”

Darren Chanagasubbay
L4 S&C Graduate, June 2021

“Thanks Chris and congratulations to you, Brendan and the team for having run such an effective Accelerated Pass Programme as a means of delivering the course during lockdowns.”

Paul Sinnadurai
L4 S&C Graduate, Feb 2021

If you are on our Level 4 Strength and Conditioning Award and feel like you may benefit from additional support, then why not join our 8 week Accelerated Pass Programme! With weekly Zoom sessions, homework and WhatsApp support, it is the perfect tool to help support and guide you through the course entirely online.

Our next APP programme starts on the 7th July, to enquire or book a place, just speak to our customer services team by clicking the button below!

As one ends, another one opens!

The current Elite Coach Mentorship is coming to an end with some fantastic success stories. From developing an online training business with only £28 per month overheads to building a thriving boxing club with opportunities to work with England boxing. This current cohort of the ECM have gone on to achieve some great things and the best bit, they are just getting started!

The next cohort is due to start and the exciting thing about this cohort is that the ECM has gone from a 12 week process to a 12 month process! For the next year these students will be getting support from the mentor team every step of the way to make the next 12 months the best 12 months yet!

If you are interested in joining the Elite Coach Mentorship, click the button below!

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Elite Coach Network Update

With over 350 coaches now part of the Elite Coach Network, there is a real hive of activity going on with discussions about planning and exercise selection, building a business after Covid-19 and how to keep going when everything seems to be going against you.

It is great to see coaches who spend their day supporting and helping other people. What made this month even more special is we launched our Training Talk Special. Every Tuesday we run a live session on all things training, whether that be periodisation, running group sessions or speed development. On the last Tuesday of each month however, we run a long session tackling the key topics that coaches want to learn about. This month is was the Testing Battery and how to develop a testing system for your clients regardless of their level.

If you want to be a part of this growing community and get access to some brilliant coaching content, then head over to the Elite Coach Network and join today!

We love to hear your feedback

Feedback spurs us on and helps us to continually improve our courses and services. Plus we just love to hear it! To share your experiences during your journey with us, and how it has changed your life after, please email us at info@strengthandconditioningeducation.com

Partner with Strength and Conditioning Education and earn great money referring people to the education and opportunities you’ve benefited from!

To your Strength and Success,
From Strength and Conditioning Education

Newsletter: June 2021

In this month’s newsletter I’d like to talk to you about Mentorship, a term that has become more and more common in recent years. So much so that I’m not sure anyone really understands what it means any more! I first became acquainted with the term as a mentee when as a teenager, I was obsessed with martial arts but had no real idea how

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Newsletter: May 2021

Is persistence enough? When we think about what it takes to achieve success lots of words come to mind….passion, drive, work ethic, etc etc. Personally I often think resourcefulness and persistence are a key part of the equation. Just having that ability to see things through even when it’s not going your way. But I don’t think persistence alone is enough, that could result in just

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8 Points for a Better Performance Programme

Want to get more from your clients’ performance programmes? Try these 8 Points for a Better Performance Programme from our CEO, Brendan Chaplin. With over a decade of experience in coaching athletes at many different levels of performance, he’s identified some trends that great programmes exhibit, that get big results! Below are his ‘golden rules’ to consider when it comes to programming for performance. This

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7 Easy Steps to Set Goals

Whilst 2020 hasn’t been the year we expected, you can still set your goals and achieve them. In fact, there has never been a more important time to focus on what you truly want from your career. Below are a few points from our CEO Brendan Chaplin to help you plan and simplify this process and provide you with key goal setting principles. Step 1

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Elite Coach Mentorship Student Success Stories

  We don’t just say we will get results… we make it happen! This article is here for anyone thinking about joining our Elite Coach Mentorship, we want to inspire and celebrate with you the Elite Coach Mentorship student success stories. Jonny Williams had been working overseas for 17 years, he started a gym business back in 2017 but it had always been in the

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Strength Training For Children & Young Adults

Should children do strength training? A controversial and highly debated topic. Here we look at strength training for children, Strength Coach Nick Grantham’s view and explore some of the common questions when it comes to training our younger population. If you are looking to skip straight to our youth S&C courses head to this page on our YSCA. As adults, it is now becoming increasingly

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