Videos in This Set

  • Reasonableness (Part 1)
  • Reasonableness (Part 2)
  • Reasonableness (Part 3)
  • Reasonableness (Part 4)
  • Reasonableness (Part 5)
  • Reasonableness (Part 6)
  • Reasonableness (Part 7)
  • Reasonableness (Part 8)
  • Reasonableness (Part 9)

More About Dan John

Dan John really is one of the leaders in the field of strength and conditioning education. From his best selling books such as Intervention and Never Let Go (both must reads by the way), his articles on T Nation which really make you think, his videos and lectures available from his website DanJohn.Net and of course his work with athletes and clients.

Dan John

Title: Reasonableness
Coach/Presenter: Dan John
Number of Videos: 9
Total Duration: 10 hours 35 minutes

If you’re checking out this page you will probably have a very good understanding of Dan’s background and his work in the field of athletic development and strength and conditioning.

Here’s what you’ll learn from watching the video series

  • Goal Based Assessments (“The goal is to keep the goal the goal!”): In this session Dan will go through his philosophy on assessments and give you all the tools you need to implement a full assessment on your athletes and clients instantly
  • The “Playing Field” approach to achieving, managing risks, compromises and options: In this session Dan will take you through his model of lifestyle design which mirrors his approach to training and developing athletes. This really is something that you can take away and apply on Monday morning!
  • The 1-2-3-4-5 Assessment Process and how it can change your approach to developing athletes FOREVER!
  • Epistemology: how do you know what you know…and HOW to apply it: This is something that Dan has researched extensively and as a concept is something that we can all benefit from taking the time to think about our own biases and methods. This session will be a powerful learning experience
  • The “Minimum Effective Dose,” the “Killer App,” and it’s “Easy to be Hard!”: Are you training your athletes too much? Are you expectations too high? Doing less is actually more. And in this session Dan will outline how we can build programmes with the minimum effective dose required to create adaptations in our clients
  • Famine and Fasting- Utilizing deprivation to increase capacity: Learn some real cutting edge information on how to build high level of work capacity that carries over to sporting activities and athletic training
  • The “Three E’s” approach to health, longevity and fitness: Dan’s approach to life and coaching athletes. High level performance training to life in general this mantra is something you need to think about and this session Dan will be going through it with you personally
  • Practical Lifting and Movement Sessions: Throughout the weekend there will be a number of lifting and movement sessions looking at fundamental movements, session design, coaching concepts, recovery and much much more. Come prepared to MOVE!
  • Q&A Sessions throughout the weekend where you can ask Dan anything (within reason of course!!)