Maximum Speed Training

Videos in This Set

  • Maximum Speed (Part 1)
  • Maximum Speed (Part 2)

More About Jared Deacon

Jared Deacon is a former Olympic athlete and a Commonwealth and European Gold medal winner. He competed internationally for both Great Britain and england for a 10 year period before retiring in 2005. Jared has coached track athletes to Olympic and World level and is currently the Central Lead S&C Coach for the English Institute of Sport based in Loughborough and the UK Sport Talent S&C Coordinator. He has previously been employed as a sprints and hurdles coach with UK Athletics working with the Great Britain junior team. Prior to UKA, Jared worked with the EIS in the North East region working with 25 Olympic, Paralympic, elite and professional sports.

Jared Deacon

Title: Maximum Speed
Coach/Presenter: Jared Deacon
Number of Videos: 2
Total Duration: 0 hour 59 minutes

If you are a strength and conditioning coach, aspiring coach, personal trainer, sports specific coach or pretty much anyone with an interest in sports and athletic development this video collection is the one for you. There are degree programmes, vocational courses, internships and a whole host of other opportunities available however pretty much all of them really struggle with teaching you how to coach athletes for SPEED.

Here’s what you’ll learn from watching the video series

  • The technical aspects of acceleration
  • The technical aspects of top speed running
  • What differences to look for between acceleration and top speed
  • The physical components of speed including drills, plyometrics and acceleration techniques
  • Jareds 5 levels of exercise classification from general exercises through to highly specific
  • How strength and conditioning integrates into the holistic development plan when it comes to developing SPEED
  • The biomechanics of acceleration: You’ll know what to look for after watching this part of the video
  • The mechanics of the drive phase into the transition phase into top speed running: Key differences and how to train for these
  • The fundamentals of speed that are coachable and the things you NEED to pick up on with YOUR athletes and clients
  • How to determine if your athletes have the physical characteristics to get into the positions required to be FAST!
  • How to develop those physical qualities if you need to
  • Utilising sleds, hills, sprints, plyometrics to increase speed
  • The difference between high to low running and low to high running. Which one do you want for YOUR ATHLETES?
  • What the BEST athletes do and how to model them in your coaching
  • Practical warm-ups and activation drills to get your athletes ready to produce SPEED
  • A comprehensive running drill syllabus that you will be able to keep people progressing through for years!
  • Practical acceleration techniques that can be applied to any sport
  • Practical top speed running techniques that work for all sports
  • Plyometric progressions from basic to advanced and how to coach them to get the best transfer to speed
  • A coaching masterclass and demonstrations from Jared himself as to how this stuff should be done