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What the Elite Coach Mentorship is ALL about…

Understanding marketing or business is not what will get you clients and being able to write a brilliant programme alone simply will not work when it comes to making the impact you want to make.

We are led to believe that we must spend lots of money learning Facebook ads and building fancy websites.
It’s simply not true.
The amount of people out there (maybe you are one of them) that absolutely have the potential to achieve great things but get distracted, frustrated and end up in a negative headspace and not achieving what they want because of this is crazy.

It’s time to STOP doing this right now.

Unless you have the self belief and confidence to actually be a success you will always find a way to self sabotage and stop yourself from achieving.

The ECM is about developing that belief that goes with an elite skill set. We give you the tools, we give you the skills, plus we combine that with the critical mindset components and we work in a supportive environment with like minded people so that your chances of going off the rails dramatically reduces and your ability to achieve amazing things radically increases.



Technical Knowledge:

  • Detailed sport specific knowledge, key exercises, a business plan and a clear structure to delivering elite results within specific sports.

We cover every major sport on the ECM and we will work with you if there are other sports you need support on. Those sports are:

– Boxing, MMA and combat sports
– Rugby Union and League
– Court Sports including netball and basketball
– Raquet Sports including tennis, badminton and squash
– Football 
– Endurance sports including cycling, triathlon and running
– Track and Field
– Strength sports including powerlifting, weightlifting and crossfit.

For each one of these sports once you have attended the live session or watched the recorded session afterwards you’ll get a certificate to show you have attended the session and that you are an ECM Combat Sport Specialist, Rugby Specialist etc.

At the end of the programme you’ll then take the MSP Performance Coach assessment and you’ll add this high level certification to your repertoire as well, gaining 7 CPD points.


Breakthrough Coaching Skills:

Its not enough to simply ‘know a lot about the sport’ you must also be able to coach the person or group in front of you.

We give you a clear framework for doing that, and a full toolbox of techniques you can use to get breakthrough results. * This is unique to the ECM and is not taught in a systematic way anywhere else. It will have a huge impact on your results.


Elite Programming Skills:

Programme templates for all major sports with proven results. The mentorship programme teaches you how to adapt a strength & conditioning programme for your athletes through live weekly sessions, designed to develop both your programming skills, results and confidence. Understand programme structure with practical working examples.

You will complete this course with complete confidence in your programming skills for any athlete, any sport, any level.


Personal Confidence and Belief:

You’ll be amazed how this will increase for you on the programme.

This is where the mentorship aspect of this course really develops our students confidence and allows them to go out and get elite results. By working in close conjunction with top coaches in live sessions, webinars and online content you’ll have the full support of an elite team who will help you focus on and develop your strengths.

Our ECM Facebook group allows our students to share any questions with a community of skilled coaches, using our network to provide answers from experience.

You’ll learn the tools to develop confidence through our coaching models. You’ll be able to coach yourself as well as others. It really is a very powerful programme.

With the Elite Coach Mentorship, support is always there when you need it.


Business Acumen:

Business knowledge is critical for you to make an impact and be a successful elite coach. The ECM 6 business masterclasses cover key topics such as Facebook ads, online coaching, community building and email marketing. Our business masterclasses are unlocked as soon as you join the ECM allowing you to start learning immediately.


Profiling, Action Planning and Charting:

Students are taught the proven ‘profile into plan model’ allowing them to develop technical action plans for athletes which will drive elite results in their field. 


The Elite Coach Mentorship programme offers a unique approach to learning through the mentorship & guidance offered daily in the Facebook group. Daily interaction with other students as well as leading coaches and tutors, immersion sessions, mentoring sessions and coaching skill sessions allow our students to develop over the course of the 3 months, graduating as elite coaches. The network of inspired, educated & professional coaches created upon the completion of the programme is an invaluable tool for further success.

We give you instantly actionable content and tasks for you and your business on a daily basis.

Just stop and imagine where you will be by going through this content on a daily, weekly, monthly basis?

Think about where you are now, and how in just 3 months you WILL be at a totally different place both technically and mentally.

what are the next steps?

The next ECM programme begins on the 19th October, plus in addition to the main ECM programme to make things even more powerful (and exciting) we have included a number of bonuses for you if you register by September 30th:

Bonus 1: The BC  Elite Coach Programme Template Library – Literally every sport and every athlete under the sun you’ll have access to Brendan’s exact excel templates used to get elite results. They are yours to keep forever. People have said these are worth in excess of £1000 before and all you’ll need to do is adapt the programmes to your clients.

 Bonus 2: 12 Months Access to the ‘Elite Coach Mentorship Network’

Your journey doesn’t end in 3 months, you’ll be a part of the Elite Coach Network for 12 months meaning you will get ALL the Elite Coach Live (ECL) sessions, all the updated sports, all the videos and downloads, and LOADS MORE. Most importantly you’ll continue to be surrounded by the great people in the programme. This is huge and worth £1000.

 Bonus 3: The Entire Train Athletes Get Paid LIVE recordings

Brendan delivered a 2 day workshop on how to train athletes and build your business in 2019. You can get the recordings when you register. This is an £750 weekend course that you get for free covering branding, marketing, strategy and more.  

 Bonus 4: The £1k Fitness Challenge

This is a very unique and powerful product that teaches you how to run challenges and programmes online which in addition to the 6 business masterclasses will give you something you can get your teeth into straight away. (Worth £249).

In total these bonuses are worth £2,999!

Your Investment for the Entire ECM Programme

We have four pathways  to join the Elite Coach Mentorship.

Pathway 1 : The Elite Coach Mentorship

Pathway 2: The Elite Coach Mentorship +  2 Day Business Accelerator Course

Pathway 3: The Elite Coach Mentorship + Level 4 S&C (for those students who wish to combine our two leading courses and save!)

Pathway 4: The Elite Coach Mentorship + Level 4 S&C + 2 Day Accelerator Course

The Business Accelerator courses will be held in London on the 4th and 5th December 2020 and Leeds on the 11th and 12th December 2020. There are only 20 spaces available on each event due to health and safety regulations to make sure that you get plenty of space.

During the two days we will be covering critical areas of business development, mindset, marketing and strategy to make sure you are truly ready to take on 2021.

The full price for the business accelerator is £999 but you will benefit from getting this at a much lower price when you combine the ECM.

Here’s the core modules that we will cover on the weekend:



Elite Coach Mentorship (worth £2999)

Elite Coach Network 12 Month Membership (worth £1000)

Brendan’s full sport & general population programme library (worth £1000)

£1k Fitness Challenge (Worth £250) 

Bonus: Train Athletes | Get Paid Recordings (worth £750)

Total: £5999

We can get you started TODAY from just £1199.

Prices will increase on 1st October!





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Don’t just take our word for it, have a read through the comments and feedback we’ve had from people who work with us. Many of these students have gone on to open their own gyms, build thriving businesses and work with performance athletes both online and in person. You can be next!

Find out more about 0% finance options
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