Become a Level 4 Strength and Conditioning Coach

This is about how to turn theory into reality! Here's what you'll be learning at an elite level:


We understand that learning in this industry has to be flexible and as convenient as possible.  You'll get online access to 22 cutting edge modules where you'll learn what is working in the trenches for high performance coaches right now, in the comfort of your own home.  Covering everything from needs analysis, through to periodization and nutrition for sports performance, you'll gain the depth of knowledge required to get results and build a great career.

Getting Started - In this module we will show you how the mentorship works. The different elements of support available e.g. the community, portal and much much more. At the end of this module you will have a solid understanding of how to get the most out of this programme.

Becoming a brilliant Coach - We place an enormous emphasis on the coaching role and how to develop into a fantastic coach. Its no good knowing all the technical jargon and science unless you can get that across to your athletes. In this module I share with you my personal secrets to success from coaching and lessons I have learnt from some of the worlds best coaches people like Vern Ganbetta, Kelvin Giles and other greats its an truly engaging module.

Designing a needs analysis - This is where it all really starts, you will learn how to analyse and assess the athlete in detail. You will learn how to access a sporting activity and movement in detail. This will allow you to learn where you are looking to go and where you are going to take your athlete. You will also understand your starting point ultimately leading you to design a brilliant programme to close the gap.

Design Resistance Training Programmes - In this module you will be able to take the work and knowledge covered in module 3, your design and needs analysis and put it into reality. This module will cover how to design strength programmes, power programmes, muscular endurance and adaptation programmes and hyper trophy programmes. You will learn the subtle differences between each of those areas.

Speed and Agility Training - In this module we will build on the knowledge you have already gained and show you how to apply it into your theory and application of Speed Agility and Movement training. This module will give you the expertise and vital tools required by any S&C Coach  on court or on the field.

Endurance and Energy System Design Training - This is a another generally poorly utilised tool in the S&C toolbox. A method used to get clients fit and ready from a energy system perspective for their activities. Often coaches are founded to be a big S and small C meaning they are great at the strength and poor at the conditioning, well that's not good enough in our book.

Plyometric training- plyometrics are a great way of bridging the gap between heavy strength, resistance power training and speed agility movement training. Plyometrics are poorly done generally speaking, we will teach you how to buck that trend and become an expert coach in plyometric training.

Mobility and Stability training. Another area where we excel as a company is the ability to improve peoples movement and mobility drills, like the ones you will learn in module 8 that give you that ability to change somebody's movement instantly. Add to that our stability series focusing on trunk stability and stiffness and you have a serious amount of practical knowledge at your disposal, enabling you further to generate amazing results for your athletes and clients.

Core training: In this module you will learn the theories and the application of what core training actually is, not sit ups and fluffy stuff this is actual functional productive training enabling you to progress someone into high threshold, high velocity training right from the ground up.

Designing injury reduction programs. The first goal of any S&C coach should be to reduce injuries, how you will go about that you will learn in this module. A combination of practical skills underpinning knowledge and performance  You will get it all from the Injury reduction module.

Designing the macro meso and micro cycles - building on the periodastion essentials you will now learn to design 12 month plans, break those down Into 3 month training blocks and further break those down into 7-14 day micro cycles. This is the art and science of this S&C role and you will learn from case studies as well as practical principal based knowledge.

Periodization essentials-  In this module we will set the scene for the next 2 modules by taking you through the principles of periodization and planning for training. You will learn what to do and what not to do and you will learn the key terms to making complicated subjects appear very simple.

Advanced training and program design- further building on periodization and planning modules. In the advanced training and program design module, we will look at how you can add advanced strength power and movement training strategies into your coaching, enabling you to take athletes down the advanced training route once they have earn't the right to do so. Having these skills and these  tools will enable you to continue down getting excellent results year on year.

Long term athletic development- very often we begin working with athletes at a stage of their development where they're a novice, certainly from an S&C perspective and what we need to do is have the progressions and the regressions in order so we can actually give them what they need at the right time and sculpt and mould our programs over many years to continue challenging them. You will learn the theories of LTAD, you will learn the practical applied experience based principles and you will learn from case studies from people like Brendan, Laurence Bloom and many others working in the trenches

Transfer of training- ultimately this is the entire goal of any S&C program to improve someone's performance whether that’s in sport or in life the goal is for the training to transfer. In this module we will show you how this works, we will show you the science and share with you our practical experiences, meaning that you can ensure your athletes and clients results are not just in the gym but are going to last and transfer to where ever they need them.

Psychology of sports performance- strong mind, strong body. These two things work hand in hand and in this module we will tie this together and give you a good understanding of how the coaching role is so important in the development of the athlete and how you can adjust and mould your coaching philosophy and principals to change your approach, according to who your working with and there background and physiological make up. A really powerful module.

Nutrition for sports performance- we have got to fuel our bodies with the right types of energy in order to get what we really want from the training. So in nutrition for sports performance you will learn how to do that, you will learn from world class nutritionists giving applied case study learning as well as the theory, meaning you will have an excellent understanding of how to fuel for performance and unlock the key to athletic potential.

Recovery and regeneration- really training  is just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to sports performance, we need good nutrition, we need to look at the psychology but also we need to look at the recovery and regeneration that our athletes are getting. In this module we will show you the science of what is the true hierarchy of recovery of regeneration and you will learn very easily applicable strategies to optimize your athletes performance.

Drugs in sport-  as coaches we must be aware of current practice when it comes to drugs in sport. Our athletes will always ask us questions about nutrition and about ways they can improve their performance and we must be well versed to answers on that. Drugs in sport is a key module in the Mentorship for these reasons.

Preparing for your investment- in this module Brendan will take you through how to complete your assessment, utilising all the info from the modules and enabling you to put everything together including your case study, your practical assessment and your portfolio.

Gearing up for master coach. At the end of the mentorship the learning doesn't stop, in fact you could argue this is where it really begins and in module 21 we will show you how to become a master practitioner and master coach  and how we can support you along that journey.

Building your business-  we need to be able to attract athletes and clients to us to become a world class coach and make a great living and in the building your business module you will learn exactly how to do this. Meaning that you can make a great living and build a great lifestyle for yourself through fitness Strength and conditioning