Become a Youth Strength & Conditioning and change yours and many other people's lives forever!
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Accelerate the health, wellness and movement quality of young people by becoming a Youth Strength and Conditioning Coach.


This online course is a taster of how to work with young people from the ages of 6-18 years of age. You’ll learn the facts that dispel the myths and misconceptions, and the ‘Triple E’ coaching methodology. This course is suitable for parents, aspiring coaches, and those with a vested interest in improving the health, wellness and movement quality of young people. It does not qualify you as a coach.

Our flagship online course is perfect for people looking to work with young people in a fitness, strength and conditioning capacity. We cover everything from movement assessment, strength and power training, coaching and communicating with young people, building your youth fitness business, game based learning and much, much more. You’ll build a framework and curriculum that you can employ in your sessions ensuring that you get great results in an engaging way with everyone you work with.

This course builds on the coach credential with a much deeper level of understanding in all areas including coaching, planning, managing, monitoring, communication skills and movement management. Our specialists have an unparalleled level of knowledge of paediatric strength and conditioning application, an ability to work with performance athletes and proven competence leading to a high level of confidence to work in any environment.