Strength & Conditioning Education 2 Day Business Accelerator


Are you looking to grow an impactful, profitable business working with your perfect clients either in person or online?

Join us on our 2 Day Business Accelerator Programme running in December 2020 in Leeds and London.

It’s time to stop watching other people making money and start doing it yourself!

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To make a difference you must embrace business, both online and offline.

The world has changed in 2020 and in order for you to make the impact and income you deserve you absolutely need to radically upgrade your business, marketing and product or service development skills to the next level.

The Strength and Conditioning 2 Day Business Accelerator Programme will teach you exactly how to do that and is designed for coaches and PT’s looking to work both in person and online, creating high quality programmes and delivering incredible results for their clients.

From Brendan:

“This is not about doing a facebook ads course or a 6 figure guru type programme. The reality is that you need to be able to identify who you want to work with and then learn to design and build services and products that are irresistible to your target customers.

That comes from using the Build and launch formula that has been responsible for hundreds of my product launches over the last 10 years and I will teach you everything you need to know at the 2 day accelerator.

At the end of this 2 days you’ll come away EXPONENTIALLY more confident, I guarantee you of that.”


Day 1:

Day 1:

Your Mission, Values, and Performance Mindset- We start here as if you don’t get this right you’ll never have the confidence to drive your business forwards. We will take you through powerful breakthrough coaching that will unlock your potential and make you unstoppable.

The Build and Launch Formula – How to guarantee everything you do is in demand and sells at great prices. Never again launch something and no one buys it. It’s time to take control.

The Train Athletes Get Paid Formula: How to build a business training and creating athletes either in your own gym, online or remotely. If you have ever wanted to work with athletes, sports teams or organisations this is a key session.

Day 1 Evening

Networking and drinks together- Do not underestimate this part of the programme. Simply by connecting with likeminded people you can build lifelong partnerships and friendships. 

Day 2:

The Online Coaching Masterplan – In today’s world it’s key to have an online business model to compliment everything else you do and give you the flexibility to grow this area of your business if you want to. Our proven structure will give you everything you need to be a success online.

Product and Service Mastery: It is all well and good having good marketing but if you don’t know how to design winning products and services you’ll always be struggling. You’ll learn how to put products together that really work for you and your business and deliver powerful results for your clients too.

Your Performance Plan – You will leave the two days with a crystal-clear plan of action to accelerate your business forwards. You will have the confidence to make it happen and the support network to ensure you stay on track.

THE investment

The full price for the 2 Day Accelerator is £999, which is extremely competitive, based on many business coaches charging £2-3k per day for events of this nature.

 For anyone registering before October 30th you can reserve your space for just £599.

You can choose to pay in full, over 3 or 6 months with just a 10% deposit upfront, or even longer over 12 to 24 months with our external finance partner (please contact us for more details on the external finance option.

The London 2 Day Accelerator takes place on: 4-5th December 

The Leeds 2 Day Accelerator takes place on: 11-12th December

London | Single Payment

  • Our cheapest option for The 2 Day Accelerator

London | Internal Finance 3 Month

  • Deposit of £64.90, followed by 2x £292.05pm

London | Internal Finance 6 Month

  • Deposit of £69.90, followed by 5x £125.82pm

Leeds | Single Payment

  • Our cheapest option for The 2 Day Accelerator

Leeds | Internal Finance 3 Month

  • Deposit of £64.90, followed by 2x £292.05pm

Leeds | Internal Finance 6 Month

  • Deposit of £69.90, followed by 5x £125.82pm

We Guarantee Results

We are so convinced that this programme is going to help you we are prepared to offer a full money back guarantee. Very simply, if by lunchtime on day 1 of the course you feel that you haven’t had the value you were hoping for on the course you can leave and request a full refund, no questions asked. That’s how confident we are in our product and that it will work for you. 


Thank you Brendan for the 5 days elite coach challenge. I’ve learned so much from you. Those five days have helped me improve my coaching skills and highlight the positives in my way of working. Hopefully In the coming months I will join level 4 strength and conditioning. Thanks again, Nuha.

Brendan communicated some great information during the course of the 5-day Elite Coaching Challenge. He also seemed 100% invested in helping us improve, which I feel is very important and answered a lot of questions that were asked throughout.

I have just completed the 5 day challenge and found it really informative and has really opened my eyes to what I want to do within my business in the future. If you are in the fitness industry I would definitely recommend!

Absolutely, just finished the 5 day challenge with Brendan, top guy, loads of knowledge and information, also his guests, fantastic. It's motivated me to get my backside in gear, it's put fire in my belly to get back to learning, in the process to sign up, you're never too old and don't be afraid to start. Thank you so much.

who this event is for

Impact and Income

This is for people who want to make a genuine impact with the work they do and generate an enviable income for themselves and their families. A fully booked coach with the right clients charging what their worth is a serious business person and this is who I am looking to work with on the programme.

A Need For Speed

Why would you spend 10 years trying to get somewhere when you can do it in a few months. This programme is for people who recognise this and are prepared to invest in the right people to help them shortcut the journey.

Hard Work

Nothing amazing happens without some serious work involved. If you are up for the challenge this may be right for you. If you want it easy then please do not apply.

You’re Ready To Go

You want to make 2021 the best year ever and and you’re ready to make it happen.