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  • Lean Body Trainer The Methods (Part 1)
  • Lean Body Trainer The Methods (Part 2)

More About Brendan Chaplin

Brendan has been a full time S&C coach for 8 years and is currently the Lead Strength and Conditioning Coach at Leeds Metropolitan University where heworks with performance athletes from a huge variety of sports. Within this role he delivers to many teams and works with numerous governing bodies and institutions including Yorkshire Jets netball, GB Badminton, GB Judo, RFU, EIS, Womens Football and many, many more.

Academically Brendan has a Masters degree in Strength and Conditioning, is a tutor for the United Kingdom Strength and Conditioning Association and the founder of Strength and Conditioning Education, one of the UK’s leaders in coach education for strength and conditioning professionals.

Brendan Chaplin
Strength and Conditioning Education

Title: Lean Body Trainer (The Methods)
Coach/Presenter: Brendan Chaplin
Number of Videos: 2
Total Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes

This is a resource that will dramatically help anyone looking to learn about optimising body composition, burning fat, increasing conditioning and endurance levels, and eating and being healthier. So under those headlines it’s a top product for strength and conditioning coaches, personal trainers, fitness enthusiasts, athletes, nutritionalists, and pretty much anyone that would benefit from learning about healthy eating and smart training.

Here’s what you’ll learn from watching the video series

  • We are dealing with a different population to 10 years ago, learn the background to GENERATION Y!
  • The 3 main goals of any performance and physique enhancing programme: You NEED to know this to get the results you want
  • What is ‘LEAN’?
  • Functional Hypertrophy development
  • How to gauge ‘readiness to train’ in your athletes or clients with these simple tests and screens
  • 10 healthy eating habits that form the foundation to your nutritional principles for fat loss or muscle/strength gains
  • The 4 key steps to take your nutritional programme from a general one to a fully individualised, specific approach for YOU or your athletes
  • How to calculate your calories for fat loss, muscle gain or to maintain body weight
  • Nutritional guidelines for ALL the major body types you’ll encounter, this will give you the tools you need to STRIP FAT and BUILD STRENGTH AND MUSCLE
  • How to time your food intake to make sure you optimise your gains
  • 6 supplements you should consider for fat loss, general health and performance gains
  • How to turn your calories into FOOD, planning your menu
  • Coaching people when it comes to nutrition, the 3 levels you NEED to be aware of
  • The 4 KEY PRINCIPLES that underpin ALL exercise programmes
  • 3 Phases of training you NEED to go through when training for ‘LEAN’ and performance
  • Exercises you DON’T WANT TO BE DOING in your training programmes (REALLY KEY MESSAGES HERE)
  • The 7 KEY INGREDIENTS TO A SUCCESSFUL PROGRAMME. Include these in your programme and you can’t go far wrong!
  • THE TRUTH ABOUT AEROBIC TRAINING, and where it fits in to the fat loss spectrum
  • The HIERARCHY OF FAT LOSS when it comes to burning fat FAST
  • Metabolic Resistance Training (Like your NEVER SEEN BEFORE)
  • Density Training
  • Mobility Circuits
  • Tabata Style conditioning circuits
  • Building work capacity, and why this could be placed at the START of your sessions
  • How to develop great technique in your lifting and exercise to avoid injuries and get better results
  • How to put a 1 hour sessions together that KEEPS ON BURNING FAT AND CALORIES FOR 72 HOURS