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Giles Greenwood: Olympic Weightlifting Fundamentals

International coach and athlete, Giles Greenwood, provides a comprehensive and instructional video on Olympic weight lifting.

This three-part resource is great for all fitness enthusiasts; from absolute novices through to competitive weightlifters and coaches, this will really ramp up your knowledge and skill set in Olympic lifting.

Duncan French: Current Trends in Movement

This is without a doubt one of our most popular videos of all time!Duncan French, currently Head of Performance at Notre Dame University USA, has 15 years’ experience working with elite athletes.

This video will really transform your thinking about speed, agility, plymometrics and movement training. Duncan will show you how to apply science in practice an provide you with lists of drills and progressions you can use immediately!

Danny Hague: Bodyweight Training

This 4 video collection will transform your thinking when it comes to application for bodyweight training.

Danny Hague will teach you how to build true levels of strength, conditioning, power and core strength, all delivered in his usual engaging coaching style.

Robert Dos Remidios: Programming for Performance and Building Better Athletes.


Join Strength Coach Dos Nasa for a detailed insight into how he trains his athletes at at the College of the Canyons, California.

Coach Dos is known for getting amazing results in record time and you’ll see exactly why in this video. In this fantastic presentation, you will be taken through programming and philosophy.

Brendan Chaplin: Warm ups ReRamped

The 15 minute warm up at the start of every session is arguably the most important time for athletes to get them moving well and ready to take on any challenge.

In this detailed video, Brendan takes you through exactly how to design, coach and deliver 21st century warm ups. You will learn how to get the most from your clients and maximise the time you have with them. You’ll also have a list of new techniques, progressions and drills that you can implement straight away.

Buy Now For Only £395 £69

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Brendan is a fantastic coach who has all the qualifications but more importantly knows how to coach and engage with people and make them better.
I like to learn from the best people who will push me to improve and Brendan has taught me a lot through his great mentorship programme and his knowledge and passion for developing coaches is the best.

Joe Wear

It contains not just information, but real wisdom that coaches of all experience levels will profit from. If you don't have the opportunity to train directly with the author (something every athlete and coach should try to do at some point if possible), at least you can tap his vast reserves of knowledge.

David Joyce

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