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I have just mastered the clean with 10kg barbell in my back room 2 days with these guys so much more confident love you guys

last weekend saw me down in Cardiff doing the s&c course, i cant thank you guys enough for the extra knowledge you have given me, and am really looking forward to the next 16 weeks, i would defiantly advise anyone who wants to add to there list of qualifications to do this course, it will not only help with my PT but also with my sports therapies as well, allowing me to work both sides of the bridge both on rehab and making my clients more robust ... Thanks for all you work Guys

“O have had the pleasure of working with We Impress for over six years and am always so impressed with their professionalism, expertise and flexibility. We Impress team is always readily available and able to provider support. I wish I could work with you every single day!”

Find out exactly what`s covered in our 17 comprehensive modules

MODULE 1 : The Needs Analysis

MODULE 1 : We teach you how to perform detailed functional assessments, movement testing, performance testing and how to analyse sporting performance to allow you to programme in the the best possible way. You’ll be able to apply our Models instantly.

MODULE 2 : Designing Macro, Meso and Micro cycles

MODULE 2 : This module builds on the periodisation essentials with advanced information on the three major training cycles.

MODULE 3 : Designing Resistance Training Programmes

MODULE 3 : This is an advanced module we recently added with even more detail on how to build strength, power, hypertrophy and sports specific movement.

MODULE 4 : Speed and Agility Programming

MODULE 4 : It’s vital than modern day coaches are highly efficient at development speed and agility in their clients and athletes. We take you through all the steps here.

MODULE 5 : Plyometric Training and Programming

MODULE 5 : Most coaches and trainers do not utilize plyometrics effectively with their clients. As an advanced training tool we must have this competence

MODULE 6 : Building the performance programme

MODULE 6 : Once you have the knowledge it’s time to apply it. This module teaches you exactly how to design effective and productive programmes.

MODULE 7 : Periodisation Essentials

MODULE 7 : Before you design any programme a detailed understanding of periodisation is essential.

MODULE 8 : Endurance Training Programme Design and Energy System Training

MODULE 8 : It’s no good just being capable in the gym we must be able to get people fit for their sport or activity too. You’ll learn exactly how to do that in this module.

MODULE 9 : Advanced Programme Design

MODULE 9 : This content will allow you to work with professional teams and governing bodies. This is entirely tried and tested in the trenches.

MODULE 10 : Resistance Training Progressions

MODULE 10 : Learn how to programme for everyone from children right through to Olympians and everyone in between in this module.

MODULE 11 : Advanced Strength and Power Training

MODULE 11 : You’ll learn cutting edge tools and techniques that will allow you to charge higher fees and get far greater results than ever before.