Strength & Power Training: Current Trends

Videos in This Set

  • Current Trends in Strength and Power Training (Part 1)
  • Current Trends in Strength and Power Training (Part 2)
  • Current Trends in Strength and Power Training (Part 3)
  • Current Trends in Strength and Power Training (Part 4)

More About Duncan French

With over 10 years experience as a strength and conditioning specialist, Duncan has a wealth of knowledge in the physical preparation of elite and high performance athletes.  He has coached athletes from a host of different sports at all levels, including professional sports, those competing to Olympic and World-class standards, NCAA athletes, and athletes affiliated to National Sports Institutes and Olympic Training Centres.

Duncan French

After running S&C sessions for national and international athletes for a fair few years I admit I thought I pretty much knew all there was – it’s simple right, we all know how to train?


This workshop made me totally rethink how I approach sessions. I have genuinely used many of the exercises, ideas and principles since; my athletes loved them and have improved their performances with real strength from the inside out.

I recently heard some of my athletes talking excitedly about their planned session, how tough but enjoyable they are and how much better they’re getting for it – that for me says it all

Darren Stratton
Stratton Performance

Title: Current Trends in Strength and Power Training
Coach/Presenter: Duncan French
Number of Videos: 4
Total Duration: 2 hours 47 minutes

This is a resource that will dramtically help anyone looking to learn about strength training, power training, athletic development, coaching, working with athletes, and generally getting better in your chosen field. It’s a no nonsense product, something that you will be able to apply TOMORROW. If you don’t work in or aspire to work in an applied environment it may not be for you, be prepared to be challenged and learn about IN THE TRENCHES COACHING.

  • Learn about Duncan’s philosophy on strength and power training including some quotes to abide by in your programming and coaching
  • The training landscape we are dealing with at the current time. What are we trying to achieve with our athleticism programmes
  • The transfer of training formula. How we can measure if our work is productive and make changes accordingly
  • The 4 Phases of training that are required for peaking effectively. Go through these and you will develop serious athletes
  • The 2 factors affecting muscular performance
  • The 3 muscular factors we can control
  • The 5 neuromuscular factors we can influence
  • The key 21st century training techniques that you NEED to be aware of and know how to apply
  • 7 Periodisation strategies that WILL affect the training adaptations you get form your athletes
  • The Force production – stability- force reduction conundrum and how to take advantage of this
  • Where does absolute strength fit in for athletes of all sports and how we can make changes
  • Frans Bosch 5 rules of specificity and why you need to know these!
  • What ‘dosage’ of strength you should be prescribing and how to determine this so you get it RIGHT!
  • You’ll learn everything about them including research, applied methods, how to implement in training and much, much more
  • I guarantee you’ll learn some BRAND NEW training techniques that will be instantly applicable
  • Hip Flow drills to get your athletes warmed up and ready to go whilst improving mobility, co-ordination and balance
  • How to improve squat techniques with 3 INSTANT fixes that will improve strength and mobility
  • How to squat for MAXIMAL STRENGTH
  • How to challenge technique with loading and how to decide when it’s heavy enough. This is really about knowing what you’re looking for and having a great technical model
  • The technique versus absolute strength conundrum. What are we doing this for?
  • The 1 THING MISSING from 95% of S&C programmes that HAS TO BE THERE for long term excellent results
  • The value of cluster training and how to apply this excellent strength training method
  • Where the drop sets modality fits into programmes and how to use for strength training as opposed to hypertrophy or volume training
  • Bands and chains and their benefits in a strength training programme
  • When to use bands from the top instead of the bottom and why
  • The DEATH of the squat and Mike Boyle’s philosophy in Duncan’s training programmes…ITS NOT WHAT YOU THINK!!
  • Bilateral strength versus unilateral strength- a discussion and practical test of where both fit in YOUR programme!
  • More Practical Progressions from Duncan are shown in detail in this video.
  • What is strength? A discussion on what we are trying to achieve with our programmes.
  • The difference between strength and stability and why it’s important to know and apply this in training
  • Functional stability training progressions. You’ll learn over 40 variations and progressions that I GUARANTEE you’ve NEVER SEEN BEFORE. This is where it’s at and it will challenge and engage your athletes like never before
  • A discussion on progressions in training which you’ll be able to apply instantly to YOUR environment
  • How to train groups versus individuals, an important consideration
  • Stiffness and compliance training. What we need to think about in plyometric and power training sessions
  • Drop jumps versus depth jumps, important considerations and distinctions between the two and how to apply to your athletes
  • What is a true plyometric? Why you need to know this and how it changes your training
  • Plyometric progressions emphasising innovation and creativity
  • Force dissipation techniques and how to progress so you can use with any athlete out there
  • Horizontal versus vertical power training and why you might be missing out the important elements in your programmes
  • Accentuated eccentric training and the benefits of this for YOUR athletes
  • Pre- Activation techniques and how to train this for maximal power adaptations