Videos in This Set

  • Combat Performance Training for Sports (Part 1)
  • Combat Performance Training for Sports (Part 2)
  • Combat Performance Training for Sports (Part 3)
  • Combat Performance Training for Sports (Part 4)
  • Combat Performance Training for Sports (Part 5)

More About Brendan Chaplin

I’m a life long martial artist with a commitment to constant improvement at the forefront of my own philosophy. My influences in martial arts are people like UFC fighter Danny Mitchell, the Straight Blast Gym group, Combat base Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, my early wrestling coaches Mike Wray, Gary Pollard, Karl Tanswell and Steve Muckle. All of the stuff in the videos is simple, explorative movement training. Learn by doing. Instant feedback based learning.

It’s not about giving them all the answers it’s about setting scenarios that actually pose questions. Sports like wresting and BJJ have been doing this for decades and strength and conditioning coaches are just picking up on it now. This will fast forward your learning of how to coach movement.

Brendan Chaplin
Strength and Conditioning Education

Title: Combat Performance Training for Sports
Coach/Presenter: Brendan Chaplin
Number of Videos: 5
Total Duration: 3 hours 37 minutes

Learn how to get your athletes moving. This is all about simplicity. A detailed session covering effective warm-ups for combat sports, stiffness and fluency concepts and LOADS of progressions I guarantee you haven’t seen before!

Here’s what you’ll learn from watching the video series

  • General dynamic warm-up concepts applied to the combat environment
  • A Neck Warm-up that will strengthen and prepare the neck area for contact
  • A floor based movement progression from my jiu jitsu training that really gets the hips working and ready to be powerful and forceful. Recently Duncan French has added a lot to this progression too
  • Partner muscle activation techniques to get the key areas firing and ready for battle!
  • Warm-Up games that will have your athletes thinking about what their doing as well as warming up
  • Combat PLYOMETRICS guaranteed to challenge and give you something new as a coach
  • The Animal Warm-Up: You’ve used bear crawls and crab walks but what about seal walks, albatrosses, gorillas and what about putting them together into floor based agility drills?
  • Freestyle movement- this is how athletes express their potential. Learn how to incorporate fluency and freestyle movement in your sessions
  • Stiffness and Fluency considerations and combinations- the essence of reactive athletic movement
  • A full game based curriculum following from the warm-up into the pre season games
  • Partner Games that are intended to prepare the body and mind for the sessions to follow but also work as a conditioning tool and agility development all in one!
  • Pummelling progressions and drills that will challenge your athletes in so many ways whilst improving their posture and general condition
  • Group Games that can be employed in a team environment and get your athletes communicating as well as challenging them physically
  • Loads more team and partner games that introduce contact, get your athletes solving problems and thinking freely. These can all be used as part of a session or as the session
  • Some additional simple preparatory games to prepare for a combat session
  • The Arm Drag technique and how it applies to rugby and other collision sports
  • The steering wheel technique and how to master it to conserve energy in your athletes. This is your BEST conditioning tool!
  • The level change and the drills to train and master this HUGELY important technique that will conserve energy and build dominant athletes
  • The Penetration Step- Power and movement combined to dominate the opposition
  • Drilling scenarios to improve performance. Forget one off techniques, it’s drilling in an ALIVE manner that the progress occurs
  • The importance of head position and posture for combat and grappling success. So many athletes get this wrong, don’t let yours
  • Pressure drills to exhaust the opposition and keep your athletes fresh
  • Floor based movement drills and games to improve pressure and positional awareness in the tackle and on the floor
  • Lower body partner strength progressions that will fatigue the strongest of your athletes from a strength perspective and not just conditioning
  • Pushing and pulling progressions that can be incorporated as a stand alone session or as part of a wider programme. Even professional athletes can benefit from this stuff as part of their S&C programme. Semi Pro and amateur athletes could do this exclusively
  • Core Exercises done with a partner taken from a lot of the wrestling and judo training I’ve done overt the last 15 years. Some of this is old school but it works and your athletes will LOVE it!!
  • How to put these programmes together for maximum benefit
  • How to develop skills under fatigue once the basic techniques have been mastered
  • How to use specific energy system training to develop different aspects of your athletes conditioning profile
  • The value of work capacity and how to develop it
  • When to train technique and when to condition
  • Programming concerns such as when to use this stuff in an annual programme and when to emphasise difference components
  • Programmes for beginners, intermediate, advanced and youth athletes
  • How to design sessions incorporating warm-up, games, techniques, strength and conditioning
  • When to work specific components and not others