Industry leaders team up to raise the standards of personal training in the UK

Health and fitness giant, David Lloyd Clubs (DL) is being supported by pioneering fitness education provider, Strength and Conditioning Education (SCE), to offer premium education and coaching to all DL personal trainers across its network of clubs.

Further training was required from Personal trainer graduates.

 A 2016 Raising the Bar report completed in partnership with UK Active, Future Fit Training and CIMSPA showed that almost every fitness club operator in the UK found standards of personal trainer graduates to be inadequate and that further training was required.

This exciting new collaboration between DL and SCE shows the commitment from both brands to raise the bar in the industry, as Brendan Chaplin, Strength and Conditioning Education CEO, explains.

“We are very excited to be working with David Lloyd to offer its personal trainers access to our educational courses.

“Our portfolio is geared to driving excellence and improving the nation’s health and wellbeing through developing elite coaches with the tools to deliver to all populations without an elitist approach. This is not about working with performance athletes, it’s about helping everyone from six to 80 years-old to move better and experience a higher quality of life.

“Through our Level 4 Strength and Conditioning course and Youth Strength and Conditioning Coach courses, trainers can truly realise their potential through an improved coaching skillset, technical knowledge and business skills. How this translates to a business such as David Lloyd Clubs, is improved member retention and customer experience along with increased revenues in the critical personal training stream. Ultimately this will hugely improve the member experience at David Lloyd Clubs across the UK.”

SCE has been at the forefront of fitness education for over six years. Founded by high-performance coach, Brendan Chaplin, in 2010, SCE has a history of working with elite sports teams and governing bodies such as British Tennis, England Golf, England Netball and GB Judo in addition to professional athletes across many sports including rugby union, rugby league, mixed martial arts, boxing, tennis, cricket, and many more.

David Lloyd Clubs has been the UK’s premium offering for many years offering health and fitness along with racquets and has a wide appeal to families due to its innovative children’s programmes. It has over 80 premium health clubs across the UK and 1,500 personal trainers and fitness instructors leading instruction to its thousands of members.

John Williams, Health and Fitness Training Manager at David Lloyd Clubs, said:

“The ability to upskill and continue to drive excellence is critical to the brand’s success in the coming years, so we are delighted to be working with Strength and Conditioning Education to enable our personal training team to have access to its industry-leading Level 4 Strength and Conditioning Coach course. The first-class level of coaching and tuition on this programme is perfectly aligned with the premium facilities and service we provide at David Lloyd Clubs.”

SCE has recently launched the Youth Strength and Conditioning Association, which is focused on developing a coaching workforce able to work with children across the country to tackle the nation’s obesity crisis. It supported National Fitness Day, working with UK Active to provide the movement session for all of the 2,500 schools involved in the day. This exciting offering with David Lloyd Clubs is the latest example of the company’s strong commitment to truly improving the nation’s health and wellbeing.

Register your interest in the Level 4 Strength and Conditioning course

If you are a member of David Lloyd fitness staff you can register your interest in the Level 4 Strength and Conditioning course at the link below. If you are a coach, trainer or student looking to upskill yourself and thrive in the fitness industry please take a look at the link below and register your interest on our Level 4 course page.


If you are a company offering a high quality product or experience and are interested in working with SCE please contact info@strengthandconditioningeducation.com.

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