Five Ways to Improve Your Business Mindset

Within business we face struggles every day, sometimes just to keep our heads above the water. For smaller businesses, we’re continually competing with larger businesses for recognition and custom.

To make your business successful, you must first understand your daily business obstacles; often we need a helping hand to direct us and highlight our issues.

It’s important to occasionally take a step back and spend some time reviewing your processes. It’s also constructive to allocate some downtime to reflect on other people’s ideas and how they could help to enhance your business mindset.

We know you’re probably really busy at the moment and the last thing you want to do is trawl through the internet looking for videos or information, so here is a list of TED talks to give you a boost in the right direction.

Seth is an american author, marketer and entrepreneur. Seth discusses how to spread your ideas. He explains why, when it comes to getting attention, unique ideas are more successful than traditional ones.

Daniel is an author of various books about business, work and management. During his speech, Dan examines the puzzle of motivation. 

Gordon is a law student with a strong background in public speaking and oral and visual communication. Within his speech, Gordon addresses small changes that can exceptionally improve your presenting. 

We all know David Blane! If not though he is an American magician and illusionist. Although this is not directly liked to business or marketing, it is a great example of mind over matter! Sometimes although things may seem impossible, there is usually a way around it. David emphasises this with his presentation on how to hold your breath for 17 minutes.

I hope you can take something from these clips and apply it to your business mindset.

To view more TED videos you can visit the page by clicking here

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