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  • Strength and Conditioning Considerations for MMA (Part 1)
  • Strength and Conditioning Considerations for MMA (Part 2)
  • Strength and Conditioning Considerations for MMA (Part 3)

More About Brendan Chaplin

Brendan Chaplin is a strength and conditioning coach and performance specialist working with a variety of sports including Mixed Martial Arts. He is a qualified coach of both boxing and wrestling and has extensive experience working with MMA Athletes over the last 10 years.

Brendan is currently employed as Head of Strength and Conditioning for Leeds Met Carnegie, he also works as a consultant with the Rugby Football Union developing resources and education workshops, England Golf as an S&C coach, GB Goal Ball and many other teams, individuals and associations.

He is a tutor for the United Kingdom Strength and Conditioning Association, the founder of ‘Strength and Conditioning Education’ and a sought after expert in the athletic preparation of athletes.

Brendan’s philosophy is based on keeping things simple, training with a purpose, training with intent and quality in everything you do.

Above all, Brendan is a passionate coach and presenter and very much enjoys working with a wide variety of athletic populations.

Brendan Chaplin
Strength and Conditioning Education

Title: Building MMA Athletes
Coach/Presenter: Brendan Chaplin
Number of Videos: 3
Total Duration: 1 hour 49 minutes

If you are a coach working with combat sports, an athlete training in combat or collision based sports such as MMA, Judo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, Rugby Union or League, even Basketball and other impact based court or field sports, you’ll definitely be able to apply this information into your training.

Here’s what you’ll learn from watching the video series

  • What strength and conditioning is in the context of Mixed Martial Arts: Learn the 2 KEY OBJECTIVES for any S&C Programme
  • The 5 Key Principles that HAVE to be adhered to otherwise the programmes goes to S***!
  • How to work in a challenging sporting culture and get your message across
  • The 3 areas you MUST examine in detail before programming for your athletes and HOW to do this!
  • Energy System training: THE COMMON SENSE APPROACH! (Common Sense isn’t that common!)
  • The key performance indicators for the sport of Mixed Martial Arts- If you improve these you can’t go far wrong!
  • The kinematics (movement patterns) in the sport and how to work with these in your S&C programme
  • Common Injury sites and how to reduce the occurrence of these injuries
  • Stretching VS Strengthening- How to identify and work with weak muscles versus tight muscles and where these occur generally
  • How to build the physical qualities required for the sport
  • Max Strength Development- key considerations to ensure you build this the right way
  • Power Development and how to make your sessions highly productive
  • Power and Strength Endurance Development
  • Reactivity and plyometrics for fighters and how these qualities can be applied to your programmes
  • Aerobic and anaerobic development in the sport, how to prioritise, how to programme and much, much more.
  • Fighting Fit standards and measures to ensure you or your fighters are working well and hitting their milestones.
  • How to build your VERY OWN performance testing battery and how this can then be used to shape and build a performance culture in ANY sport.
  • How to activate the KEY muscles that are required for MMA PERFORMANCE, all done in your WARM-UPS
  • The methodology for Warm-Ups that MUST BE FOLLOWED in order to be optimally prepared for the session to follow
  • 2 Barbell Complexes that will get your muscles FIRING and READY TO PERFORM- One is a general and olympic weightlifting based complex that can be used with ALL ATHLETES and FIGHTERS ALIKE, the other is an MMA SPECIFIC COMPLEX that has been used with many fighters successfully.
  • How to utilise POWER TRAINING effectively with your athletes and a detailed look at the LOAD POWER SPECTRUM which ensures that you train ALL AREAS with your athletes.
  • How to ENSURE that you develop POWER EVEN if you don’t have any expensive equipment, YOU DON’T NEED ANY!!
  • Power Endurance TRI-SETS that will have your athletes training with INTENT, BELIEF, and QUALITY!
  • How to develop SPECIFIC POWER ENDURANCE for collision sports such as MMA and Rugby (This DRILL IS BRUTAL)
  • A PULL-UP challenge that will develop RIDICULOUS LEVELS of strength endurance…..
  • A PUSH-UP challenge that will condition your body for wrestling and clinching in a VERY DIFFERENT WAY…..
  • 3 KEY ENDURANCE CHALLENGES that you should be doing in your training programme
  • THE MMA SHUTTLE TEST- This test has been used to gauge levels of work capacity, endurance and preparation for years with a LOT of success
  • THE 5 MIN AEROBIC TEST- Find out how this SIMPLE TEST can be used to build HIGH levels of endurance in a HIGHLY SPECIFIC WAY
  • TUF Conditioning (Technique Under Fatigue): How to utilise SKILLS and CONDITIONING in the SAME SESSION, something that has been used at the HIGHEST LEVELS in Rugby, MMA, Netball, Football and much, much more. This might change the way you prepare your athletes!
  • FIGHTING FIT STANDARDS AND MILESTONES for ALL the major development areas for ANY COMBAT ATHLETE: Learn where you need to be aiming in your physical preparation programmes based on YEARS OF EXPERIENCE
  • Strength, Power, Power Endurance, Strength Endurance, Aerobic Capacity, Anaerobic Capacity
  • The principles of FEEDBACK BASED TRAINING
  • The rationale behind TESTING = TRAINING = TESTING- Get rid of unnecessary testing sessions that your athletes will not benefit from. Learn how to get the most from your athletes AND provide ESSENTIAL FEEDBACK
  • How to programme your MILESTONES in training and pick the CORRECT milestones for your athletes
  • GAMEPLAN STRENGTH: YOU NEED TO LISTEN TO THIS, this may be the difference between wining and losing in the cage. Learn about how to change your programme in accordance with the gameplan you are using, the opponents strengths and weaknesses and YOUR physiology.
  • HOW TO DEVELOP your very own PERFORMANCE TRAINING PROGRAMME WITH MILESTONES and feedback built in throughout
  • The TRUTH ABOUT ENERGY SYSTEM TRAIING- How to simplify things to make your programme WORK
  • Weight Cutting Considerations
  • How to fuel training well to get the most from EVERY SESSION you do
  • The 10 KEY HABITS of healthy eating
  • A weight cutting process that will help you drop weight fast but SAFELY and EFFECTIVELY