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Duncan French: 21st Century Movement Training

Duncan French is an internationally recognised coach and a pioneer of Strength and Conditioning in the UK.

This video goes depth about theory of agility, movement and conceptual learning. Duncan provides a great frame work to implement with your athletes and clients.

Ali Jawad: Build a Bigger Bench

Within this video you will be learning about the training of a world champion and world record holder.

Although bench pressing is considered an easy skill, so many people still get it wrong, resulting in unnecessary injuries.

Ali Jawad will be taking you back to basics and showing you advanced strength training and programming for strength.

Dan Baker: Power  Training

Dan Baker is the godfather of strength and conditioning and power training and has worked in elite sport for the majority of his career. Many say what Dan doesn’t know about power training, isn’t worth knowing!

In this audio interview, Dan discusses how you can get the most out of power training in your working environment and shares his secrets to success.

Brendan Chaplin: Right Here Right Now

With a broad knowledge of all things Strength and Conditioning, Brendan will be teaching you what is working right now with performance athletes.

This video will not only provide you with great ideas but will give you the information to implement this with your clients straight away.

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Brendan is a fantastic coach who has all the qualifications but more importantly knows how to coach and engage with people and make them better.
I like to learn from the best people who will push me to improve and Brendan has taught me a lot through his great mentorship programme and his knowledge and passion for developing coaches is the best.

Joe Wear

It contains not just information, but real wisdom that coaches of all experience levels will profit from. If you don't have the opportunity to train directly with the author (something every athlete and coach should try to do at some point if possible), at least you can tap his vast reserves of knowledge.

David Joyce